Beats unveils new Powerbeats Pro in collaboration with London designer

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Apple's Beats by Dre subsidiary has released a new limited-edition version of its Powerbeats Pro headphones in collaboration with London designer Paria Farzaneh.

Credit: Beats by Dre
Credit: Beats by Dre

The special edition Bluetooth headphones feature a special yellow and dark purple pattern inspired by Farzaneh's designs. Farzaneh is an English-Iranian designer based in the U.K.

Our collaboration with @pariafarzaneh is available now. Shop the special-edition Powerbeats Pro.

-- Beats by Dre (@beatsbydre)

Along with the unique "funky yellow and dark purple" pattern on the Powerbeats Pro and case, the Beats headphones also come with a special box and stickers inside.

Apple's Beats by Dre brand routinely collaborates with other companies, organizations, and designers on special edition products. Back in February, for example, Beats teamed up with the NBA on a themed pair of Powerbeats Pro.

The Beats by Dre x Paria Farzaneh Powerbeats Pro retail for $250 and are exclusively available on SSENSE, a designer fashion and streetwear retailer.

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    XedXed Posts: 2,180member
    I wish they'd update the Powerbeats Pro with AirPods Pro features.
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,758member
    I really like these collaborations. Does anyone remember those glow-in-the-dark Ambush PowerBeats they came out with a few years ago? I wish they’d make more accessories that glow. Some extra visibility for us night runners, like maybe a watch Band. Anyway, these are pretty nice too. 
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,024member
    Xed said:
    I wish they'd update the Powerbeats Pro with AirPods Pro features.
    I bought the Powerbeats Pro Fit which has the features you describe and I gave the PBP away. 
    I do prefer the ear loop but wanted the noise cancellation and better pairing behavior. And I am long over white earbuds of any brand.
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    thttht Posts: 5,123member
    I am on my second pair of PBP headphones. My 1st set, neon yellow, lasted a year, which is about my average life expectancy for running headphones. My 2nd pair, black, a hand me down from my brother, is about 6 months old now. Still working alright, though it seems to be exhibiting some sound volume issues. Hopefully it will survive the summer sweat, which is the big test. No set of running headphones has made it across 2 summers.

    Anyways, this patterning on this special edition headphone is really not my cup of tea. Turned the nice neon yellow color to something a lot less attractive to me eyes. Biggest thing going for PBP is that it stays in my ears. Worst thing going for it is I can't wear it casually. The ear hooks plus my glasses is one too many hooks around my ears, and the case is too big to be pocketable anyways.

    And yes, noise cancellation is a big feature. Surprised Beats hasn't updated PBP with noise cancellation yet. Probably will get the Beats Fit Pro in the Fall.
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