Apple's Jane Horvath to chair panel on the future of privacy

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Jane Horvath, Apple's senior director of Global Privacy, will chair at the 15th annual Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) conference in Brussels, talking about technology, regulation, and international cooperation.

Jane Horvath speaking at CES in 2020
Jane Horvath speaking at CES in 2020

Horvath only rarely speaks at security events, with her most notable appearance being at CES in 2020. She's now listed as a speaker for the 15th annual CPDP conference, although the provisional schedule has her chairing a panel instead of presenting a speech.

CPDP 2022 is centered on "Data Protection & Privacy in Transitional Times," and it's being held in Les Halles de Schaerbeek and Area42, in Brussels, from May 23 to May 25, 2022.

Horvath is due to chair a panel organized by Apple, on Tuesday May 24, called "The Future of Privacy: How is Multistakeholderism Shaping Privacy Worldwide?"

"Multistakeholderism" is the term for when privacy and security is no left, say, to governments, but becomes a shared responsibility between them, companies, and individuals.

"The panel will seek to explore how privacy and privacy enhancing technologies are being realized through multistakeholderism and the pros and cons of this approach," says Apple's description of the 75-minute event. "Can technical solutions to privacy pave the way for high levels of privacy protection beyond jurisdictional borders?"

"Should laws provide space or even incentives for privacy preserving innovation and, if so, how?" it continues. "Panellists will be asked to put forward their views on global
governance of privacy and whether privacy can and should be achieved through multistakeholderism and the limits therein."

Horvath was previously Global Privacy Counsel at Google, and served as the Department of Justice's first Chief Privacy Counsel and Civil Liberties Officer. She's been with Apple since 2011, and most recently

She has, however, been with Apple since 2011, working on its privacy policies and responding to criticism on Apple's behalf.

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    mobirdmobird Posts: 755member
    Maybe they should invite Nina Jankowicz?... :*
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    Privacy is directly at odds with corporate marketing. In my opinion these days anything a company, including Apple, says about privacy, is nothing but Newspeak. The personal data of individuals is the life-blood of advertisers and they do anything, say anything, promise anything to keep it flowing. We just learned today that Amazon is selling Alexa’s voice recordings to advertisers. Both Amazon and Apple say they record user’s queries and use them to help improve voice recognition. At least for Amazon this turns out to be total bullshit.
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