Professional word processing on MacOS - is it possible at all?

in macOS
I've worked as a writer and editor for 56 years. I recently bought an M1 Mac Mini to clean-up and transcribe the audio on 250+ old MP3 files for submission to the transcription service for a book in progress.

I would like to keep the Mini because it is darn fast for audio, video, and photo work. But if I cannot customize my keyboard shortcuts extensively in MacOS to do fast editing, I will sell the Mini.

MS Word for Windows in Parallels is apparently the ONLY option for Mac that will allow full keyboard customization natively and with macros, and my feeling is that it's a tremendous RAM-hungry kludge to run Word in Windows in MacOS under Parallels. Is there any other solution? I installed LibreOffice for Mac only to find that there is no keyboard customization as in the Windows version. People today seem to be unaware of what a joy it is to churn words without reaching for the arrow keys and mouse.

I would be extremely grateful to be enlightened about this.


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