Apple must pay PanOptis $300 million for infringing wireless patents

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Apple's attempt to get a new trial against wireless patent holding firm PanOptis has been rejected, meaning the firm will have to pay out $300 million in damages.

PanOptis, and its parent company Optis, originally won a $506.2 million case against Apple for infringing on a series of 4G LTE patents. That was filed in August 2020, but in April 2021, a federal judge allowed a retrial because of "serious doubt" concerning the verdict.

The sum was consequently cut down to $300 million, but Apple then protested that there had been multiple issues with evidence, testimony, jury instructions, and the amount of money Optis was awarded. Apple therefore argued that it was entitled to a third trial.

According to Reuters, Apple's case has now been dismissed. It could potentially have reduced the damages to zero, but East Texas US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap denied Apple's requests for either a new trial or ruling.

PanOptis's accusation is that Apple infringed on its 4G LTE patents with products including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Reuters reports that the patents are essential to international LTE wireless standards.

Separately, Apple is involved in another lawsuit with parent company Optis over the same alleged infringements in the UK. The case is expected to continue in July 2022, and there is the conceivable possibility that either Apple will be banned from selling iPhones in the UK, or that it will choose not to.

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