Apple to open new US retail location in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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Apple is planning to open a new brick-and-mortar retail location in East Rutherford, New Jersey -- its first in the U.S. in nearly a year.

Apple Logo retail
Apple Logo retail

The East Rutherford Apple Store was first spotted by Michael Steeber at Tabletops. It isn't clear where exactly the store will be located, but Apple is currently hiring for the location.

Currently, Apple is hiring for roles ranging from managers and store leaders to sales representatives. The company is also seeking Business Pro staff who will help customers in the business community leverage Apple products.

Apple last opened a new Bronx retail outlet at The Mall at Bay Plaza back in September 2021. Although it relocated a Los Angeles area store later in 2021, the East Rutherford store will be its first new actual brick-and-mortar location in the U.S. in 2022.

The East Rutherford store won't be the first new outlet Apple has opened in 2022 though. On May 21, it opened a new retail location in Wuhan, China with a new pickup area that may become a standard for Apple retail across the globe going forward.

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    thrangthrang Posts: 926member
    It must be The American Dream mail across from Giant Stadium - it is enormous...

    I've gone twice, just to the "luxury" wing there (mostly stores are empty and boarded ), so haven't seen much else of it. I assume Apple will be there.

    But ingress, egress, and (paid) parking is a nightmare at the place. I won't go there again unless during a midweek day only if I really need to. A large part of the parking is in the old Continental Arena parking deck, which was designed for all in/all out traffic, not constant back and forth of in and out shoppers....

    The place had a contorted birth - over a decade I think... (and it looks nothing like the colorful rendering)

    I think its designed not only for locals, but for NY tourism shoppers who often takes busses out of NY to visit various suburban malls...

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    “It isn't clear where exactly the store will be located, “

    lazy writing skills

    a quick google for retail in east rutherford would get the writer the answer 

    such is AI 

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    NYC362NYC362 Posts: 35member
    I really wonder about the need for this store.  As Thrang commented above, the American Dream mall is a bit of nightmare.  First, for many people you need to pay to get there via the NJ Turnpike (yes, there are free local roads....often clogged with traffic) and parking is not free.  I've been there once too, and beyond being beyond gigantic, the idea of me paying for parking at a mall just grinds my gears.  

    Moreso though, in the NYC area, a couple of existing Apple stores are really in need of some work.  The Staten Island store is a shoebox that is pretty much ALWAYS packed because it is just so small.  It is the second oldest NYC store (only Soho is older) it is desperately in need of a larger space.   The West 14th Street store is over 14 years old and has really never had any major upgrades. It's circular glass staircase looks pretty, but it really is a hassle using it and when it rains, the cleaning crew needs to cover the entire thing in custom carpet pieces.   

    For at least in the NYC area, where this new store will make, if I counted correctly, the 22nd store in the NYC Metro area (NYC, Long Island, Westchester, northern NJ).  
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