Apple's iTunes Pass is now rebranded as 'Apple Account Card' for iOS 15.5 users

in iOS edited November 2022
Apple has updated the Apple Wallet app with a new "Apple Account Card" option, replacing the outdated iTunes Pass.

In April, it was discovered that Apple's iTunes Pass was likely going to be rebranded into "Apple Account Card."

The change, spotted by 9to5Mac, was seen as the next logical step in moving away from the iTunes branding.

The Apple Account card functions the same way as iTunes Pass did and can be used to purchase subscriptions, music, movies, apps, and Apple products.

However, one notable change is that the Apple Account card can be used with Apple Pay. This allows users to check out at the Apple Store using tap to pay, rather than using the previous QR code system.

Apple has been moving away from the iTunes branding in recent years. Back in 2019, the company killed the app in macOS Catalina and split its functionality into three separate and standalone applications for music, TV, and podcasts. It has kept the app largely the same on Windows, however.

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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,770member
    Cool, but why couldn’t they add the ability to add/scan a gift card right from the Wallet? You still have to go to either iTunes, the App Store, or Apple Store to do that. Seems like a pretty basic feature to me, especially since you can add money to Cash right from there. 
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    heli0sheli0s Posts: 65member
    If you like me have separate App Store and iCloud accounts, it doesn’t let you use this. 
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