New Apple webpage highlights community-led WWDC events

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Apple created a new dedicated webpage highlighting a number of community-hosted events that are taking place during or after WWDC 2022.

WWDC 2022
WWDC 2022

The "Beyond WWDC" page specifically lists a number of events and gatherings related to the developer conference. Many of them are sponsored or led by developer organizations, and Apple says they're a good opportunity for "learning, networking, and fun."

For example, volunteers are leading a "Community Week" throughout the globe with watch parties, mentorship labs, talks, hackathons, and more. There are similar events across the globe, including opportunities everywhere from Orlando to Tokyo.

Many of the events are online, but at least a handful of them are being held in-person. Apple's own WWDC event is taking place in a hybrid format, breaking from the last couple of years of strictly online-only conferences.

Apple's WWDC conference is a weeklong affair that will kick off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. Eastern) on Monday, June 6.

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