New iCloud Shared Photo Library coming to iOS 16

in iOS edited June 2022
New with iOS 16 is an iCloud Shared Photo Library, where members of a family can choose which images to share -- or have their iPhones automatically add ones to a shared library.

Announced at WWDC 2022, Apple has unveiled what it says will let users "share photos seamlessly, and even automatically."

"It's a separate iCloud library that everyone can contribute to collaborate on and enjoy," said Craig Federighi. "You can participate in one shared library that shared with up to five other people."

"We made it simple to share just the photos you want from your library," he continued. "You can share everything already in your library, or choose what to include based on the start date, or the people in the photos."

For example, with iCloud Shared Photo Library, users can elect to share solely "photos where you were together with your partner and the kids."

It's limited to the people in a user's Family Sharing group. Once set up, any user in that family can manually select an image and move it to the shared library. However, it can also be set up so that when users take a photo and members of the shared library are nearby, they will all immediately get the images.

"So if you take photos on a camping trip, you don't have to remember to share them later," said Federighi.

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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 924member
    I’d just wish they’d acknowledge  how much larger dslr image files have become and offered tiers above that 2 TB within their storage options and not part of a more expensive set of unneeded (by me) services. 
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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,391member
    In the end you have to make decision and cut out the bad, like cleaning out the computer or the garage, which I need to do……Apple should have some upper limit?
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