Hands on: Using the iPhone as a webcam with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura



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    Who makes a reverse MagSafe mount like the one they used in the keynote. Who makes the mount used in this post header photo?
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,859member
    DAalseth said:

    Does it say anywhere which iPhones and Macs are supporting this feature?
    As far as iPhones, we've tested it on iPhone 12 and 13, and will test iPhone X, XR, and 11 later in the process.

    We haven't seen a cutoff on which Macs, other than what's required to run the OS.
    The big question I have though is if it is only for laptops. I’m seeing lots of pictures with a phone clipped to the lid of a MacBook, but no word that I’ve come across if you’ll be able to do it with a Mac Mini, or Mac Studio. I could see an iMac, but the pure headless desktops are an open question. 
    It’s not just for MBs.
    I hope it works with MM and MS systems. Then I will just get a good screen and only have a camera when I need one. Most of the time mine has a Post-It over it. 
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