Apple's legendary Clarus the dogcow returns in macOS Ventura



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    davidfmdavidfm Posts: 3member
    Didn't Clarus have an official title, something like  Printer Icon Assistant.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,166member
    mknelson said:
    jdw said:
    Interesting how the smooth, modern version shown in the article has a prominent udder (milk sack) whereas the original pixelated version by Kare did not...

    No photo description available
    It does, just not so prominent. 

    Also, it's probably the upper thigh.
    It’s a mystery.
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    Lmasanti said: 
    "... I bought my first Macintosh in October 1985 ... 
    (One thing that I never understood was the disappearance of ‘HyperCard’! Snif, snif…)"

    I too regret very much the disappearance of HyperCard, but it was superseded by SuperCard (private co.) — HyperCard in COLOR, and on steroids! 

    SuperCard is still around and still being enhanced. It's in the process of being converted to 64-bit for users above Mojave. Check it out at:

    A devoted user since SuperCard V 1.0
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    Clarus Lives!

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    nubusnubus Posts: 383member
    My old avatar is happy :-)
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    Called a dogcow because it's so poorly drawn that it's impossible to tell whether it is meant to be a cow or a dog…
    Clarus was drawn that way intentionally. It's cryptic, a bit mysterious, whimsical and quite funny.

    Designers, good ones, don't just randomly toss stuff out into the world just because it's all they can manage.
    There's a lot of thought, trial, error and intention that goes into a design.
    edited October 2022
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    anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 6,860member
    Now if only Talking Moose would come back, life would be complete. Last I heard he was working for the NWS doing weather radio, but he may have retired recently.
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