New iOS 16 beta features, iWork Updates, Apple's USB-C Chargers on the AppleInsider podcas...

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On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss new features in iOS 16 beta 2 like iCloud backup over cellular data, talk about AirPods Spatial Audio personalization, discuss why Stephen needs Passkey ASAP, and more!

iOS 16 beta, iWork updates, TikTok, and more
iOS 16 beta, iWork updates, TikTok, and more

The second developer beta for iOS 16 introduces the ability to perform iCloud backup over cellular and new dual SIM filters for Messages. A toggle in iCloud backup settings turns on cellular backup, but users will need to be sure they have a data plan that can support it.

Mail also saw an update in beta 2 with a certified mail system for verified addresses. Users will see a logo in place of the default initials and a message stating the mail was delivered using a digitally certified standard. The standard, called Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI, is yet another step to reducing fraud by ensuring an email is from a real source.

Apple will also enable users to bypass CAPTCHAS, those pesky "verify you're not a robot" image selectors that almost always seem broken. Instead, the iPhone will present a secure handshake with the website to verify the user isn't a bot.

Speaking of internet security, Stephen learned a tough lesson about passwords and hopes Passkey arrives sooner than later. The hosts discuss the future without passwords, or even logins, as biometrics plus local device verification win out over the old email and password combo.

We also run down updates to the iWork suite, discuss why iPadOS 16 still isn't quite what users want, and how Apple's social media strategy seems random at times.

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