Check out an early iPhone prototype worth $500k on the 15th anniversary

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YouTube personality Luke Miani has gotten his hands on a handful of iPhone prototypes with pre-release software and altered designs.

A prototype iPhone 2G. Image source: Luke Miani
A prototype iPhone 2G. Image source: Luke Miani

The original iPhone was first put on sale on June 29, 2007. In Luke Miani's latest video, he shows off several prototype devices, with one dating back to 2006.

Some of the devices look closer to the final design, with one even sporting the plastic display that was ditched at the last second in favor of glass. Two, however, are so early in production that they still have part sourcing stickers attached to the device's rear.

Each of the pre-release iPhones are worth around $500,000 since they are quite rare. Some even run testing software that resembles an iPod click wheel on a digital touch screen.

The collection is sourced from a different YouTuber named DongleBookPro, which is expected to dive into each prototype device in more detail at a later date. He previously showed off a "Death Star" iPhone that was meant to help keep leaks to a minimum.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    Amazing invention. The software developers didn’t know what the hardware looked like until the revelation. Crazy it all worked out. No wonder everyone was drinking and panicking backstage.

    Glad one model is dated at 2006 because a lot of iKnockoff morons claim it took about 8 months to develop the iPhone. This “2006” date can at least serve as a reference point that there was a functioning model sometime the year before. I know they’ll claim it was probably from December but still I like throwing wrenches into their cogwheels. 
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