Apple hikes iPhone 13 prices in Japan

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Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 13 range by around a fifth in Japan, as the country faces inflation and a weakening currency.

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International pricing for Apple devices obviously varies depending on currency values and logistical issues. Until this week, however, the iPhone 13 has actually been slightly cheaper in Japan than the US.

Previously, the base 128GB iPhone 13 sold for 99,800 yen, the equivalent of $732. Now, though, it is 117,800 yen, or the equivalent of approximately $864.

For comparison, the same iPhone in the US costs $799. So it used to be cheaper by almost $70 to buy in Japan, now the Japanese Apple Store sells it for almost $70 more than in US.

All models in the range have seen price hikes, with the largest being for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The 128GB version of that has gone from the equivalent of $989 to now $1,173.

In the States, the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128GB costs $1,099.

According to Reuters, the xprice hikes come as the US dollar is up 18% against the yen. Japanese buyers are reportedly also facing rising inflation, which is affecting sales of even daily necessities.

It's not the first time that Apple has significantly adjusted prices in Japan because of currency fluctuations. However, when it did so in 2016, the adjustment saw prices cut by around 10%.

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    PascalxxPascalxx Posts: 53member
    And this follows similar price hikes for Macs in Japan in June. People here are very sensitive when it comes to price increases - some companies in Japan would rather decrease their profit margins than risk alienating their customer base. Apple must be very confident…
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