Jamf launches Safe Internet for students and educators

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Device management firm Jamf has launched its Jamf Safe Internet service, allowing teachers to block certain sites, and for students of all ages to browse safely.

As announced in April 2022, the Jamf Safe Internet service is available to subscribers. It gives educators the ability to set all of their organization's devices with content filtering that works even when students take them home.

"With technology now firmly embedded in the student experience," Suraj Mohandas, Senior Director of Education Strategy, Jamf, said in a statement, "there is a growing need for digital safety to eliminate cyberattacks and prevent students from accessing unsafe content."

"Jamf combines best-in-class network threat prevention and a vast content-filtering database to block unsafe and malicious content," continued Mohandas, "so that students can safely learn online from anywhere."

The new service integrates with existing device management tools for educators, including Jamf Pro and Jamf School. On its own, Jamf Safe Internet costs $5 per device, per year.

Jamf's expansion into more education markets comes after Apple entered the device management field with its Apple Business Essentials service.

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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 1,327member
    This is great. 

    Would be awesome if they opened it up to everyone - and at that same price. Would be a game changer. 
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    geekmeegeekmee Posts: 572member
    You mean it wasn’t safe for kids before?
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