Apple's A16 processor to be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro, says Kuo

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Backing up previous rumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that only the iPhone 14 Pro models will feature the new A16 processor - and that consequently, Apple expects to sell a greater proportion of the Pro models than usual.

Analysts including Ming-Chi Kuo himself have previously suggested that the iPhone 14 will remain on the A15 processor as used in the current iPhone 13. And equally that there will be a new A16 processor, but it will be in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max only.

Now in a new tweet and Medium blog post, Kuo repeats his claim about the A16 exclusivity. However, he also adds that this will means a difference to the proportion of Pro and non-Pro models.

[Analysis] Structural changes for iPhone's high-end camera supply chain / iPhoneSonyAlpsLG InnotekiPhone 14 Pro/A16 @mingchikuo

-- (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo)

"The latest A16 processor will be exclusive to two iPhone 14 Pro/high-end models," writes Kuo in the full blog post, "significantly boosting the shipment proportion of new iPhone high-end models in 2H22 to 55-60% (vs. 40-50% in the past)."

Kuo also argues that this "high shipment proportion of iPhone high-end models" will mean increased orders for "high-end camera component suppliers." Specifically, he sees "significant YoY growth" for those companies.

"The marked increase in the shipment proportion of iPhone 14 high-end models benefits the major high-end component suppliers of the rear camera," he says, "including Sony (CIS), Largan (lens), Alps (VCM/OIS), and LG Innotek (CCM)."

Kuo estimates a 100% increase for Sony, which makes the front FaceTime camera, and LG Innotek, which manufactures camera modules. He predicts a 60% to 70% growth for lens maker Largan and voice coil motor manufacturer Alps.

Separately, Apple has been previously been reported to be adopting a 4nm process for its A16 processor.

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    harrykatsarosharrykatsaros Posts: 52unconfirmed, member
    I’m happy to stick with my 12 Max until this hideous new design with the dual super sized punch holes goes away. I think this design choice is actually a big step backwards for iPhone. Hopefully we get Face ID sensors under screen and USB-C by 2025. 
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,108member
    It’s well into the point of diminishing return. My 11 is working just fine. The last couple of chip upgrades were incremental, as were the newer model of phones. Now it looks like the models i’d be looking at will not even get an updated processor. I’ll stick with what I have until I need to upgrade it. So far I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to get a newer one. 
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    swineoneswineone Posts: 57member
    Great, Apple just saved me the temptation of upgrading from my current iPhone 13 (non-Pro).
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    fluffheadfluffhead Posts: 53member
    So the next Apple Watch is rumored to basically have the same chip as the series 7 which was a repackaged S6, the new iPhones will have the same chips as last year, Mac mini wasn’t updated with M2, and the “new” Apple TV comes with the A12 which came out in 2018. 

    They sure are making it easy for me to hold onto my 2016 MBP, AW series 4, iPhone 11, and 1st gen ATV 4K for longer. 
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,217member
    I’m most interested in the camera upgrade. 
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,497member
    Makes not upgrading a very easy decision if true.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,497member
    Such a strategy suggests
    Apple will prefer margins to sales volume
    the A16 isn’t much of a performance upgrade, and Apple thinks it can sit on its laurels in comparison with competition.
    model differentiation will be on chip model, rather than extra cores/ performances in the same A series generation as per M series generations.
    Apple might be looking at a huge A15 stock hangover.
    Apple expects most people to keep their phones longer.

    it is a hateful bean counter strategy.
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    stompystompy Posts: 389member
    entropys said:

    it is a hateful bean counter strategy.
    Ever since the X and 8 were announced with the A11, I've considered the inclusion of the latest 'A' silicon in the cheaper phones an unexpected bonus -- one that was never set in stone. Apple is going to keep their margins, I won't begrudge them that.
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