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Yesterday, I was following the discussion in the comments section regarding the recent article on Elon Musk (https://appleinsider.com/articles/22/07/08/elon-musk-files-to-exit-44-billion-twitter-deal).  Today, when I wanted to check on updates, all I got was “discussion not found”.  And when I re-enter the article, the commenting fiction is not there anymore. 

Since this did not happen the first time, I have the impression, this is an intentional move of AI. 

While I understand, that sometimes you cannot moderate all discussions, in particular when they heat up, I would appreciate if you would  simply lock the discussion at a certain point with a corresponding info. 
 The “ghostly disappearing” of entire discussions feels awkward to me. 


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,859administrator
    We are not a large shop. In any given thread, we moderate folks outside the boundaries of rational conversation first. When it becomes no longer cost-effective to moderate, the thread gets pruned. And this one got bad, fast.

    I thought that the forum-goers as a whole were able to maintain decorum in accordance with the commenting guidelines, so it started open. While some did, most thread participants did not.

    If we don't, the beefing spills into other threads. This makes the labor situation worse.

    That all said, this avenue of conversation has concluded in the forums. If you have further comments or questions on the matter, feel free to DM me. The procedure isn't going to change.
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