Big tech antitrust bill in danger, Chuck Schumer says



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    larryjw said:
    DAalseth said:
    tundraboy said:
    crofford said:
    Free Market Capitalism works perfectly everywhere except where it comes in contact with government.
    This is an ignorant statement.  If you allow markets to operate unregulated, competing companies will just band together, act as a monopolist and raise prices.  Not only that, they will stifle innovation just like how Microsoft in its heyday killed any innovation that threatened the DOS-Windows stranglehold.  That includes OS-2 which tech experts agree was superior to Windows.  It can be validly argued that Microsoft held back personal computer innovation for about 20 years.
    I would agree with that. Computing would be much healthier if Windows, Mac, OS/2, and Linux had the market divided roughly equally. If MS Office weren’t the standard that all other Apps must match. MS was almost broken up ~2002, but the DOJ lost it’s nerve.

    But then the mobile market would be healthier if there were more players than Android and iOS too.
    More competition means healthier?  IOS and Android based systems are ubiquitous platforms and seem healthy enough to support quite a rich set of platforms for application development. Certainly, Windows, Linux, Minix 3, Tenzin based systems could be developed but these and other iOS and Android competitors have failed -- for legitimate reasons it seems to me. 

    Having more choices doesn't mean, at least to me, that more players means healthier. If another competitor comes from out of the wood-work, it means it's healthier because they are providing something the others are not. So, far, what Apple and Android based systems are giving us defines the healthy mobile space. 

    It takes more knowledge and imagination than I have to see what's missing in this space, but merely hobbling these platforms with anti-trust legislation will not result in better solutions or more real or healthier choices no more than more choices of soda pop, or cereal leads to a healthier diet. 
    Actual organic competition is extremely healthy. Everyone tries harder and everyone benefits. 

    Artificial competition, where a strong and successful competitor gets hamstrung by the powers that be just for being good at what they do just lowers the standards and everyone suffers. 

    The fair control mechanism for fairness is simply to disallow any development where someone else cannot compete without using your proprietary platform(s). 
    I.e. you want to develop your own smartphone, but you have to use apples hardware or the nasty android OS. OR you HAD to use Qualcomm towers, etc. 

    The problem with theses really old people in congress who don’t know what it’s like to get a real job or live a normal hard earned life is that they instead look to punish a company for working hard and being successful. I.e. looking at someone building a great sandbox and inviting others to play in it - then they turn around and act like no one else can have a sandbox because this company has built a really good one that people like to play in. So then they look to find ways to break the box. It’s ridiculous, helps no one, is unfair, and stifles the innovation that comes with competition, not to mention ruin a nice thing. 

    May this bill die a thousand deaths. 
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    DAalseth said:
    crofford said:
    Free Market Capitalism works perfectly everywhere except where it comes in contact with government.
    Actually pure unmanaged free market capitalism doesn’t work. It drifts toward becoming abusive to its customers and workers. It has a tendency toward monopoly. That’s why there has to be oversight. Has big tech reached this point? I don’t know if it has. Is this legislation a good idea? I’m not convinced on that either. But pure unfettered capitalism is a really bad idea. 
    The issue here is the people who wrote this law has no clue about the industry. How is letting Chinese owned companies like Epic pay nothing to American companies like Apple for using their App Store but it’s ok for them to make profit with their own store?

    do they think we are all stupid?
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