Apple hires veteran Lamborghini executive to work on 'Apple Car' team



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    timmillea said:
    The Apple Car is Apple's undoing. It is their blindspot because their decisions are US-based and the US is the car-crazy country. Car ownership must be reduced drastically year upon year to around 5% of current levels in order to meet globally agreed climate change targets. Electric mostly shifts the pollution elsewhere and introduces new toxic battery pollutants. Apple should be working on hyper-efficient public transport but mostly in reducing the need to travel at all. 
    Not in disagreement with the overarching theme of reducing the number of vehicles, but it’s not true that EVs merely shift the pollution elsewhere.  EVs are today far better for the environment and will be more so as renewable energy fills in more for fossil fuels in electricity generation.
    It’s true that EVs displace the emissions but unlike ICE vehicles for which the efficiency and emissions are fixed for the life of the car, EVs benefit from improved emissions as the electrical sources improve and have the ability to be true zero emission vehicles. Even in the worst case of coal-generated electricity they are on par or slightly better than an efficient hybrid. 
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    This crap again?

    Apple is at least a decade away from a car, and more likely not ever going to build one.

    Oh, and Lamborghini builds junk.  Sure, it's very expensive junk, and it goes fast for the very small part of the time when it's working, but it's utterly unreliable garbage.  They build "cars" that sit in the garages of people with too much money who buy them as poorly-performing 'investments'.
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    MplsP said:
    ireland said:
    JWSC said:
    JP234 said:
    — "Recent concepts suggest that the car could lack a steering wheel" 

    "They'll take my steering wheel when they pry it from my cold dead hands! From.My.Cold.Dead.Hands!"
    Exactly.  Inner city dwellers may find driverless autos tempting.  But most everyone else will take a hard pass on any Apple car that does not have a steering mechanism. Notice that I didn’t say steering wheel.
    Don’t tell me you like that steering yoke abomination.
    You have no clue. 

    Best to pass on silly unfounded opinions. 
    If you follow the forums the yoke has a few diehard fans, a handful of people who say it’s ok and a whole lot of people who hate it. 

    Objectively, there are no true benefits and a lot of drawbacks.  
    Yep, forums are a perfectly representative sample of actual consumer experience, as we well know. 

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