HomeKit smart bulb maker Lifx acquired by Feit Electric

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Feit Electric has acquired struggling smart home device manufacturer Lifx, pledging to keep the company alive and continue releasing products under the brand.

Lifx light
Lifx light

In a deal announced on Friday, global lighting and smart home brand Feit Electric will acquire the Lifx assets, including its patented smart lighting platforms, its custom app, product designs, and more.

"This acquisition is about fueling the LIFX vision of reinventing lighting," said Feit Electric President Alan Feit.

Lifx is a company known for making HomeKit-enabled smart bulbs that were high-quality, color-changing, and super bright. In recent years, the company, however, the company failed to bring products announced at CES 2020 to market. Since then, Lifx has made no new announcements.

"LIFX focused on the user experience, saying we deserved something better than the boring old light bulb. And then they delivered!" Feit said. "LIFX products offer industry-leading bright vibrant colors, the coolest features that are fun to use, and lots of advanced control options while making it effortless and intuitive,We are excited to keep that momentum going with even more revolutionary products and new app features deserving of the LIFX brand."

Going forward, Feit Electric will offer a range of Lifx products and will "support and evolve the LIFX app and cloud platform" that will remain separate from its own first-party platforms.

The company now plans to release a Lifx Downlight in 2022 before working on a slate of new smart home products in 2023.

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    p-dogp-dog Posts: 118member
    I hope this means that I can buy these at Costco.
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,697member
    p-dog said:
    I hope this means that I can buy these at Costco.
    I came here to say the same thing 

    Hopefully they continue to sell the larger bulb that is outdoor rated.  
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    iOS_Guy80iOS_Guy80 Posts: 633member
    I’ve been using the Phillips Hue lighting system for over three years, They are still the standard to be measured by. There selection of  smart bulbs, fixtures and accessories are the best.
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    itinj24itinj24 Posts: 33member
    I use Philips Hue for lighting but the LIFX switches are hands down the best in the business for HomeKit… and they work great with Hue lights, among other HomeKit devices. 

    Glad to see they didn’t go under as I have quite a few more LIFX switches to purchase to complete my remodel. 
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,697member
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    I’ve been using the Phillips Hue lighting system for over three years, They are still the standard to be measured by. There selection of  smart bulbs, fixtures and accessories are the best.
    I have a bunch of Hue lights.  My first set was hive. To me by a company I did some contract work for as a holiday gift.  Around 2012 or 2013.  I’ve bought update command center/controllers and a bunch more bulbs, both white and color.  Plus motion sensors and some switches  They work great, but recently I’ve been buying Thread enabled Nanoleaf bulbs.   They seem to be brighter (and to go dimmer if needed) and are more responsive when running with Thread.  So my future bulb purchases are most likely going to be Nanoleaf.  

    But I bought a bunch of LiFX outdoor rated WiFi bulbs that are bigger around and fit in the outdoor under the eaves cans and I need some more so hopefully this helps that line stay around and continue to be available.  

    That is the nice thing about HomeKit.   You can mix and match brands in your house any in scenes and automations.  
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    KotzelKotzel Posts: 3member
    After 5/6 years owning Hues/ LIFX / and trying others to find a 3rd place, I sold all my LIFX bulbs except for one about 2 years ago (about 20). They all (hue/LIFX) coexisted very peacefully for about 2 years. Including with the brilliant onSwitch app.

    I can’t tell you what happened with the LIFX bulbs, but I knew it was time for them all to go. At least they had great resell value.

    just 2 days ago I tried to get that one LIFX bulb connected yet again… no luck. I’m not sure if I’m torturing myself or just wanting to see one more time why I sold them all.

    In any case, I am done with lifx bulbs (at least for now). I’m all Hue indoor and out. 

    With my son’s room, I took a different direction. I’ve been looking at Nanoleaf lights for a very long time.

    I never pulled the trigger based on cost I guess. Being that they are celebrating 10 years, they introduced a limited edition black triangle set. I sprung for it.

    On a typical beige wall, the black triangles look like art when not on, or when very dimmed,  there are also some small white triangles in there.
    It all looks great. After Hue/ LIFX/ On Switch app, there is something still I appreciate about these new lights, this is all before you get to the app. It’s been 4 weeks, I still haven’t started using  them, and I’m one to try everything soon.

    I am very close to getting rid of my Hue indoor lights replacing them with NAnoleaf, if and only I can catch nanoleafs on sale.

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    darkvaderdarkvader Posts: 870member
    Hey, I remember Feit.  They were that company that made really crappy incandescent bulbs years ago, then made even worse CFLs.
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