Apple plans offering more advertising to users via apps



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    If apple puts ads in core is apps, I'm  out.  That cheapens the product and knocks them down closer to the slime that is google. That would take the premium away from the product, so the only way it would be worth getting an iPhone is of they cut the price in half, or gave it away. I value not seeing BS ads and being spammed. 
    They already do.  I get bugged about subscribing to Apple Music pretty damn often.
    If you are using an Apple device, then technically, that is not an "ad". Apple is not making any money from charging themselves for placing "ads" advertising their own products. That is Apple promoting one of their own product, on their own platform. (Not that it makes it any less bothersome.) But it's something that the EU DMA say that "gatekeepers" can not do because its anti-competitive and that crybaby CEO of Spotify gets all bent out of shape about (when it comes to Apple Music). Not sure if the UK will be enforcing this when the EU DMA goes into affect. But it was also one of the main issue of the US Senate bill (pertaining to promoting ones own product on ones own platform), that hasn't been voted on yet because it doesn't have enough support. 

    It's no different than me getting bugged all the time to purchase more iCloud space, whenever it runs low on one of my Apple devices. Or walking into a McDonalds and seeing big posters on their special deal to "super size" your meal. Or while watching a TV show, seeing a 15 seconds blurb during a commercial break, reminding you to  stay tune for a new episode of The Simpsons coming up next.   

    Now if you are getting bugged to subscribe to Spotify (or me getting bugged to purchase more One Drive space), while using an Apple app on an Apple device, then that's an "ad". Apple is charging and making money from placing those "ads" in their Apple apps.  When you do a Google search and there are links that has the word "AD" in bold text and in front of it, those are links to "ads", that Google is getting paid for placing in your search results.    
    In all meaningful senses it's an ad.  Pointless post.
    No it is not! At least provide arguments instead of dismissing someone’s post with a juvenile one-liner. It’s arrogant and unnecessary.
    I value brevity over three paragraphs of uninteresting irrelevance.

    In the context of "I value not seeing BS ads and being spammed" then it matters not a jot whether it's an Apple "promotion" or a third party ad.  Either way it's BS spam.  I would've thought that would be obvious and not need explaining.
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    Second richest company in the world with unbelievable margins of around 40%+ and they want to nickel and dime their users like this. 

    Does Tim Cook’s greed know no bounds?

    Shit like this is what will start to kill the golden goose.
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    elijahg said:
    elijahg said:
    I see ads in the App Store, but the ads are for apps and usually show me something very similar to what I was searching for. This article says there are ads in News and Stocks but I don’t see any ads in either of those (unless links to news stories about the company whose stock ticker I’m currently viewing count as ads). 

    Can anyone show me what an ad in News or Stocks looks like?
    I get ads despite paying for News+ and it pisses me off. They're iAds so supplied by Apple, not embedded by the news outlet.
    Can you screenshot one? I don’t see any on my iPhone or iPad. I just checked now and I don’t see any one either (or if I do I’m unaware they are ads). I haven’t checked my Mac but I don’t really do news on it much.

    The only time I see ads are when I click through, some articles will have them but they don’t appear to be iAds. I get “Recommended Reads” and “Related Stories” but I don’t count those as ads. Maybe I should?
    Sure thing, here's one. Clicking the blue link also reveals some interesting info, also attached.
    Huh, I don’t get any of this sort of thing. I’m an Apple One subscriber so perhaps that makes a difference.

    I think I found the same article that’s in your screenshot. Here’s what mine looks like:

    I don’t typically swipe from one article to another, but I have on occasion and never had a full screen ad show up like yours.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about not seeing ads, but it’s super confusing to me when I see an article like this which seems completely detached from what I experience.
    I am also an Apple One subscriber (or at least I receive it via a family member). That is the same page yes, but it doesn't always show ads - probably one in 5 pages. If I close the news app and re-open it to that same article I sometimes get no ads. Maybe my subscription is broken, or maybe you're lucky, or maybe they're experimenting to see what the market will bear. I can block the ads with a network-wide ad blocker but I shouldn't have to. 
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