GrubHub offers $10 off orders, promoting Apple TV+ series 'Severance'

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For a very limited time, GrubHub is offering $10 off orders for National Waffle Day in a promotion for Apple Original series "Severance."

GrubHub Apple TV+
GrubHub Apple TV+

Until 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Aug. 24, customers can get up with $10 off their order with code PRAISEKIER. Orders must be more than $10 for the discount to apply.

AppleInsider tested the discount code and it appears to work as of 10:37 a.m. Eastern Time on August 24 (7:37 a.m. Pacific Time).

Hey Lumon -- the celebration is still on for #NationalWaffleDay because everyone deserves a waffle party. Use code PRAISEKIER to discount $10 off an order of $10+ while supplies last! @AppleTVPlus

-- Grubhub (@Grubhub)

Alongside the discount code, GrubHub also tweeted out an "open letter" sent by Lumon, the company in Apple TV+ series "Severance." In the letter, Lumon scolds GrubHub for offering a discount on waffles, since a "Waffle Party" is a top quarterly reward for excellent employees.

The discount code itself is also a nod to "Severance," since Kier Eagan is the founder and CEO of Lumon Industries in the show.

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