Samsung mocks iPhone 14 in latest ad campaign



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    I was always vehemently anti apple and there never was any apple product in my household. Apple was for smug, skinny jeans wearing , soy latte drinking man bun sporting  speed sticks,  that put diesel in a gas tank. No system customization, geared towards simplicity on a borderline of stupidity. Endless amount of restrictions of how I can use the product I own etc. Than a terrible thing happens. I was trying to open a multi page pdf blueprint on my brand new Samsung. I knew it’s gonna take forever and was used to it so I took time pulling my nose hair and tweezing my eyebrows. A coworker,  that had started this whole debacle whipped out his old iPhone and a damn thing loaded and rendered  the entire file while I was on the 7 page of an 80 page document. Needles to say I was buying iPhone 12 Pro Max 15 minutes later.  I have been using an iPhone for over a year now and would “ never” go back to anything else. This thing  is wicked quick ( I would imagine thanks to the super efficient  background management) , face time, iMessage, automatic high security passwords, face sign-in everywhere, super easy wallet process, automatic casting to any apple device, seamless headphone on and off etc. Excellent pictures. I mean the list is long. I can actually use the product and everything just works. I have heard of different issues that iPhone users encounter, however ( maybe because the way I personally use it) I never encountered any of those as of yet.  I have also never encountered those dreadful restrictions or a need to customize anything specifically for my use. Again everything just works and it’s highly intuitive. To think, that I wasted so much time fighting ( I mean customizing ) clunky user interfaces and plethora of half baked features makes me somewhat upset. The fault lies with me, it was my decision to trust my biases without finding things out for myself. “Most” importantly I will not spend a 1k or more for a product that serves me the unwanted ads and calls it a feature. There are a couple things that I am missing and wish was possible on an iPhone. I would like to listen to an audiobook and background music. It took good few days of ties and errors on a Samsung but  I find that feature desirable and a quick non cumbersome way to OCR my blueprints so I could search those more efficiently. Other than that I got only good things to say about the iPhone. I also don’t think any new Samsung is even gonna come close to the new IP 14 performance, no matter how many new “ cutting edge” features they gonna cram into it. Just my 2 cents
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,089member
    Is this the same Samsung that just got hacked, and lost, customer information, and the waited a month to tell its users what happened?
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    rezwits said:
    Guys come on, quit playing Fox and the Grapes...
    This is … on the Z-Flip.

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