Apple's iPhone subscription may still arrive in 2022



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    entropys said:
    Sarcasm yes, but the corporate weenies aren’ t doing this for love, but margins.  
    It is the old “how do you boil a frog in a pot without it jumping out” trick.

    I do worry in the future everything, housing, cars, communications etc will become subscription based (well your house you rent will be owned by a corporation or an old money family) and one of the downsides would be the ease of  unpersonning  of anyone inclined to be a dissident. Everything and Everyone will be owned by the establishment, as it was in feudal days, like Russia under the tsars.
    Tsars??? We had that in socialism in Eastern Block. You are looking way too far in history. Some people think that in socialism people own everything. I suggest more study to understand how it really works. I lived that decades ago. cannot be fooled by elites anymore.... rather something else may happen sooner.
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,697member
    M68000 said:
    entropys said:
    You will own nothing, and be happy.
    Lol.. I sense sarcasm.   I would hope that traditional purchasing without all the extras will remain.  If not,  that could be troubling enough to consider android option.
    This is nonsense, you’re not going to have to talk about switching to android knockoffs because in no multiverse is Apple going to stop selling devices. 
    You would think they would not. We also thought like that about automotive industry and now try to buy 90% cars on the market. See what happens when you reach warranty expiration if they are still supported and anybody could repair them. You would be surprised. Currently the only value car that is worth to won and reparable by other shops in 90% than manufacturer is Mazda. Try to repair the of cars from different brands and see what happens. They promote lease - not ownership. It is now worth even to get old cars and renovate them and treat as historic or kits (except in California where madness does not have bottom)
    What ARE you talking about. We have two, my 05 Prius and a 14, bought in 15. In both cases they offered a lease and when we declined we had no trouble buying them outright. As far as service, we have no trouble getting service on both at the dealership and elsewhere. Same with my friends who also own cars of various ages and makes including this year. Buying or leasing, both options were on the table, and as far as service, no problem unless it’s really old, like 30 years or so. Then the dealerships are willing, but parts can become an issue. Literally you are spouting pure rubbish.
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