Apple Watch Ultra is impressive, but can't replace my dive watch just yet



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    PeteM said:
    mike1 said:

    The issue with Apple Watch Ultra is that it has no way of connecting to a transmitter. Bluetooth is used for countless accessories but isn't feasible for underwater use because it can't reliably travel through water.

    Aqualung, Suunto, Mares, and Scubapro all use RF, while Garmin developed its own Subwave sonar system that is even more reliable. Neither of those options will work with the existing Apple Watch Ultra.

    RF stands for Radio Frequency, therefore Bluetooth is also RF. What RF bands do the named devices use that allows them to work reliably under water?

     Dive Tank Pressure Gauges use 123Khz to send the signal to the dive computer. Bluetooth is 2.4Ghz. Doesn't travel well through water.
    Maybe a dive-specific band that incorporates the circuitry and antenna for the RF signal frequency needed to connect to pressure gauges.  That way Apple isn't taking up space within the watch itself and can also pass the cost of that feature on to only those who need it.  

    In older vehicles, have you ever touched the radio receiver and noticed that the reception gets better. Your body is acting as an antenna for the low-frequency, long-band FM signals. No reason that the Apple Watch could not leverage the same approach, using the divers body as the main receiving antenna. Maybe?
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    “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.” 
    Palm CEO Ed Colligan, 2006
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    makeits0 said:
    “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.” 
    - Palm CEO Ed Colligan, 2006
    Do you believe the author’s personal needs/concerns for a product are invalid? Instead of being flippant with that stupid, out of context quote (like the Bill Gates 640k comment, the speaker wasn’t referring to what you think they are), why not share your specific dive-centric experience to help the author understand, work-around, or accept the limitations of the Ultra? 

    We’ll wait for your follow up. 
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    The Apple watch is just too limited to be a safe dive computer. We also have to see what's happening in real live. Diving RedSea, Asia and probably most our of US destinations PADI rules are not always followed by heart and experience counts more than a deep diving speciality. For example Elphinstone a legendary spot in the Red Sea you will start your dive at well past 30 meters. Or diving in famous spots in Indonesia like Raja Ampad, you'll be facing the risks of being caught in a down current, which can bring you very fast below 40 meters until you manage to stabilise (one of the reasons I don't use Nitrox in this areas. So looking at all this the Apple Watch Ultra is more a risk factor than a safety device. Interesting enough, that Apple recommends on their Website to have a backup computer, which by far is not the standard in recreational diving. 
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    RolfS said:
    Interesting enough, that Apple recommends on their Website to have a backup computer, 
    Does it?  That’s hilarious :smiley: 
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