Mozilla rampages over a lack of browser choice



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    Safari has a problem — it can’t handle some poorly created web pages. 

    Some data driven websites dynamically create their webpages and sometimes produce some awful html/css under the covers. My goto browser when this happens is Chrome. 

    The market is there for quality JavaScript, Html, CSS interpreters. Big companies can fail their users by pulling support for their default products because they have a virtual monopoly. 
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    Madbum said:
    Madbum said:
    So whenever a business is doing badly, just complain about the people who are successful?

    how did this country get here?
    It’s not about that. It’s about a fair playing field. When companies become too powerful, they become the economy instead of operating in the economy. Ironically it then is no longer a free market.

    So I run my own tire repair shop, so I should sue and blame Costco for taking my business?

    And I should expect Costco to advertise to have their customers come to my shop?

    no, it’s up to me to differentiate from Costco!

    There are thing me as a nimble small business can do for customers that Costco cannot! That should be the focus instead for what these losers like Epic games and Firefox are doing 
    Except your comparison falls completely flat. This is not at all what is going on in this case.

    The problem is that ‘Costco’ ( ߤ簟ﻦzwj;♂️ ) is preinstalled with the operating system. The average Joe doesn’t install or search for another browser. Especially when the operating system owner controls the App Store and doesn’t offer the other options equally. Less popular offerings simply don’t show up anymore nor do they have the opportunity to. 

    Back in the days, Apple users were kicking and screaming because “Windoze” / “Micro$oft” was doing exactly the same thing with Internet Explorer, after which they applauded governments forcing them to show a dialogue at OS installation time were the other browser brands were offered for installation rather than pre-installing IE.  

    Now the tables have turned and people come up with silly Costco comparisons.  
    Apple fanboys didn’t like to be the underdog back then, but now they are on top, they display the worst protective behavior as if they are major shareholders of the company. It’s hypocritical behavior.

    Fanboy disclaimer: I own 10+ Apple devices and 1 PC. 
    That's not even close to what happened back then. Mac users couldn't care less about IE being preinstalled as the default browser, on a MS Windows computer. Even Windows users couldn't care less. It was easy even back then to change browser with a floppy disc picked up for free at the check out counter of most computer stores. The biggest crybaby was companies like Netscape. Just like Epic Games today.  And the most popular way to get on the internet back then was with AOL or CompuServe.  

    If anything, Mac users were kicking and screaming when Jobs made a cross licensing agreement with Microsoft (in 1998) and had IE as the preinstalled default browser on Macs. Not because (at the time), IE was a terrible browser, but because it was by Microsoft. This was before Safari came out in 2003.  And guess what Apple did when Safari came out in 2003, Apple had it preinstalled as the default browser on Macs (and later on their iPhones in 2007). And Mac users weren't kicking and screaming then either.  Safari is still preinstalled as the default browser on all their iOS and MacOS devices today. Apple fans has not been hypocritical as you claimed. Meanwhile, Firefox had 20 years to cry about this and over ten years after the EU forced Microsoft to unbundled IE from Windows (in 2009) because it was determined to be anti-competitive.

    Now, why was Apple allowed (and still is) to preinstall Safari as the default browser, after all these years, while Microsoft was charged with anti-trust for doing the same with IE? If you don't know the answer, then you have no business telling us why Microsoft preinstalling IE with Windows was wrong, back then. Why didn't the EU stop Apple from preinstalling IE in 1998 and Safari in 2003? In fact, Edge is preinstalled as the default browser on Win10 and Win11 (plus the Xbox), today. If Mac users were to start kicking and screaming about this, then they would be hypocritical.

    IE peaked around 2003 with about 93% marketshare and it was downhill from there. In 2003 both Safari and FireFox enter the market and began taking away market shares, even though IE was still preinstalled as the default browser on WinXP and Vista. IE then took a dive off the deep end in 2007/08, when the iPhone came out (2007) with IOS entering the mix and Google introduced Chrome (2008) and the first Android smartphone hit the market. By the time the EU forced Microsoft to unbundle IE in 2009, competition had already taken its course.

    BTW- if the "average Joe" doesn't install or search for another browser, then why is it that Edge have only 11% of the desktop browser marketshare and only 4.5% the world browser marketshare, with Windows OS marketshare being about 30%. All while being preinstalled on over 85% of the Windows computer (those on Win10 and Win11)?  If Windows users were "average Joe", wouldn't you expect Edge world marketshare to be closer to 25%?  I refuse to believe that the vast majority of Windows users, are more willing to search and install other browser, than the "average Joe".


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