iPhone 15 Pro Max could turn into 'Ultra' in fall 2023 updates



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    Add an action button, port Walkie Talkie to iPhone and enable the action button for the same!  Implement more lock screen 'complications' on iPhone, just like on Watch!  Enable us to manually easily select external drives in the Finder to backup iPhones!  
    I actually do like the idea of enabling something like Time Machine for iPhone/iPad using external drives plugged into the iPhone or iPad. Would give users the option to use local backups on devices they already own rather than only relying on iCloud or having to purchase a PC or Mac. Will it ever happen? Who knows. 
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    Apple needs to expand the iPhone lineup to include a more expensive Ultra premium version, primarily because there are people willing to pay the price to get something new or different. 

    I’ve been hoping for a raw titanium framed iPhone for years. Would also be interesting to see if they’d add a sapphire screen to address scratching. I don’t need USB-C, though I expect it will become the standard for all iPhones next year. 

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    eightzero said:
    This is really disappointing. AI is only just now talking about iPhone 15. Where's the summary on the changes ahead for the iPhone 16 (AI), iPhone 17 (VR), and iPhone 18 (medically implanted in our skulls.) And you have the never, the gall to call yourselves "insiders." Humpf.
    Wow. I can't wait for iPhone 19.... even ET would want one.
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    In all seriousness - i forgot my iPhone 11 in my overalls for work. It's dead.  So The sim card still worked though and I put it into my iPhone 5 - I only use call and messages - It's faster than iPhone 11 - and works like magic - and I got all my info through iCloud. 
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    Would it come with a payment plan?
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