YouTubers test durability of Apple Watch Ultra in different ways



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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,383member
    You do realize that stress testing is an integral part of engineering where devices are put through fast high temperature and cold temperature cycles, high humidity environments, high vibration environments, etc. Companies, including Apple, spend a lot of money on those tests you seem to think are so unnecessary.
    Exactly where does the hammer come in?
    Pro Tip: It doesn't.

    laytech said:
    I can't tolerate the wasteful, pointless tests like these, no matter what they reveal. He will probably go on and claim damage through AppleCare or some other insurance, which ultimately drives the cost up for everyone. Selfish, mindless, and pointless. (yes repeat, totally pointless). 
    I hate the waste, and the point of useless 'testing' like this. The point is getting clicks from the I Hate Apple crowd. Clicks equal a modest income unless there are a lot of them, and a lot of clicks means a sponsor or two. And free stuff, generally to review. So not pointless in the least.

    illrigger said:
    To counter all of that, what would you say if the thing broke far easier than expected?
    Exactly what is the threshold to 'expect' from non-calibrated hammer strikes?
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