Next iPhone SE could look very much like an iPhone XR

in iPhone edited October 2022
Apple's next update to the iPhone SE could bring the low-cost model more in line with the current-gen iPhone, with an analyst claiming it will sport a 6.1-inch LCD display, complete with a notch.

Third-gen iPhone SE
Third-gen iPhone SE

Apple's update to the third-gen iPhone SE largely consisted of an internals upgrade, but the fourth-gen model could offer more. In a report about the next iteration of the model, it seems that Apple could modernize the package a lot.

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young speaking to MacRumors, a previous claim of a 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch LCD display from October 2021 has been refined. Now, Young forecasts for the iPhone SE to move to a 6.1-inch display with a notch.

The suggestion is accompanied by the possible hint of Apple adding the Dynamic Island to the SE in a 2024 update. If that timing is true, that could also mean Dynamic Island could be present on all four of Apple's flagship launches.

A switch to an edge-to-edge display would also require a move away from the traditional Home button the line has long continued to use, but including a notch may not necessarily mean a transition to Face ID. There have been suggestions of a move over to a side-mounted Touch ID system, like the iPad Air.

Young's claims seem to match those of other earlier proclamations about the device.

In December 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo reckoned a large-screen model would arrive in 2023. In August, there was speculation that Apple could use a design similar to the iPhone XR, which uses a large LCD screen with a notch, since Apple tends to reuse older popular smartphone designs in rejigging the iPhone SE.

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    tshapitshapi Posts: 369member
    iPhone SE fourth edition will be 5.8” iPhone X/XR.  It will not be 6.1 

    this way it will keep distinction. 
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,065member
    Not seeing any real reason for Apple to break the 2-year cycle on SE models, as the present one still beats the pants off any comparably-priced Android phone that I'm aware of. It would be a lot of fun to watch the Android switchers if Apple could manage to lower the price of the current SE a bit more.

    I still have an iPhone XR (and a more recent iPhone 12), and as far as I'm concerned the XR is the true successor to the 6s in terms of solid performance and decent camera. Sure it is showing its age a bit after four years, but is years away from being discontinued for a reason -- it still handles modern apps just fine, and still takes decent pictures when decent lighting is available.

    I'm sure if I had an iPhone 14 Pro I'd be over the moon with the great pictures and video it can take. But of course that's Apple's job -- make each new version compelling for upgraders and new buyers. They seem to be doing a bit of all right in that department.
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    I'm hoping they keep Touch ID in some usable form.
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    M68000M68000 Posts: 660member
    Let’s hope for the return of 5.8 screen, giving 3 screen sizes for customers to choose.  It seems the SE is always the smaller size anyway.
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