2022 iPad case pops up at Target ahead of launch

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A case from an accessory producer for the as-yet unreleased 2022 iPad has been spotted on store shelves, in a bold bet ahead of Apple's rumored hardware launches.


Apple is expected to launch new models of iPad and iPad Pro within days, with each the target of many rumors and leaks. While accessory manufacturers try to predict what Apple will launch and prepare their products to match, one seems to have jumped the gun and released an accessory already.

In a photo shared by @Roeeban on Twitter, a Speck case for the "iPad (2022)" has appeared at a Target store. The case, a Balance Folio Charcoal, is priced at $44.99, and is seemingly available for purchase from the outlet.

Aside from the mention that it is meant for the 2022 update of the iPad, the case also mentions that there is support for the second-generation Apple Pencil available.

The addition does make sense, as rumors about the iPad claim that it will be updated with an all-new design with flat sides similar to the iPad Pro. The flat sides would potentially mean compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2 for wireless charging, which would make sense if other rumors of a switch from Lightning to USB-C are true.

Cases for iPad 2022 spotted at Target! #apple #ipad2022 #ipad pic.twitter.com/NmoLdUWe5q

-- Roee B (@roeeban)

The existence of a case for an unannounced Apple product is not an absolute guarantee that Apple will sell a device of a specific design. Accessory makers tend to make educated guesses and produce cases early to make sure there's stock on shelves at the time Apple's hardware becomes available to purchase.

Apple does not historically share information with case manufacturers ahead of launch. Case manufacturers rely on the rumor mill and leaks from a factory to generate cases ahead of debut.

Ultimately, no one outside of Apple knows with 100% certainty what Apple is going to release, until the company itself launches it.

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