Belkin iPhone mount for Mac for Continuity Camera is available

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In anticipation of the Continuity Camera FaceTime call feature in the upcoming macOS Ventura release, the iPhone mount Apple previously featured is now available.

Belkin iPhone mount for Mac laptops
Belkin iPhone mount for Mac laptops

Apple introduced Continuity Camera with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. It lets users insert photos and scans into documents on their Mac using an iPhone or iPad.

With macOS Ventura, which Apple will release to the public on October 24, Continuity Camera gets an upgrade. This version lets people use their iPhone as a webcam with a Mac in addition to the other features.

The iPhone-as-webcam can be used in FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and other third-party apps. It uses the Ultra Wide rear camera on the iPhone to keep users centered during a call with Center Stage.

The mount doubles as a kickstand
The mount doubles as a kickstand

There are photo effects to blur the background and increase the lighting of the webcam video too. A mode called Desk View uses the Ultra Wide camera to show a person's desk and face at the same time.

Belkin iPhone mount

The Belkin product will mount a MagSafe-compatible iPhone securely to a Mac laptop. The magnetic attachment allows for easy, seamless hands-free camera streaming, and people can rotate the iPhone to portrait or landscape.

When it's not connected to the Mac, the magnetic mount doubles as a ring grip and kickstand for watching videos and other content on the iPhone. It works with MagSafe-compatible cases.

The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe is available on Apple's website for $29.95 in black or white. It's immediately available to order.

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    I wonder if this would fit an iMac?
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,496member
    Kind of scary looking. I’d rather risk a $50 webcam falling off the top of my monitor than a $1000 iPhone. Plus, my Zoom and FaceTime colleagues really don’t need to have more pixels pointed at my head. 
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    jeromecjeromec Posts: 195member
    Received mine.
    It feels like a quality product - even the packaging does.
    And my iPhone (XS Max plus a MagSafe sticker from Sinjimoru) seems secured to the rop of my 2021 16" MacBook Pro.

    A very pleasant surprise.
    Plus Camo now supports wifi connections!
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