Cisco Webex gains Continuity Camera support in macOS Ventura

in macOS
Apple and Cisco have partnered to help enhance hybrid work on the Mac, with Cisco Webex adding support for Continuity Camera and mobile sharing features.

Image Credit: Cisco/Webex
Image Credit: Cisco/Webex

Webex is gaining a new feature called Mobile Camera Share. It's designed to allow iPhone and iPad users to share content from the front or rear-facing cameras via the Webex Meeting mobile app.

Meeting participants will also be able to annotate the footage, allowing them to write, draw, and add shapes to footage in real time.

Webex has also gained support for macOS Ventura's new Continuity Camera feature. Webex users can use their iPhones to use Desk View, which is perfect for creating demos or instructional videos.

The addition of Continuity Camera also allows users to utilize Center Stage, Portrait Mode, and Studio Light in Webex meetings.

Those interested can head over to Webex's site to learn more.

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