Elon Musk orders Twitter to charge $20/month for verification

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Twitter is to change its verification system into a revenue stream, with CEO Elon Musk reportedly saying he'll fire staff if it isn't implemented quickly.

Currently, Twitter has a verification system that means celebrities and people of public interest can go through a process that confirms their identity. At the same time, it also has a $4.99/month subscription called Twitter Blue, which affords some small extra customization to the service.

Now according to The Verge, the new owner of Twitter is reportedly planning to increase the cost of Twitter Blue to $19.99, and add in verification to its list of features. It's not clear whether verification would continue to use the same process as before, or whether it will be that anyone paying the $20 can have a verified icon on their Twitter feed.

The whole verification process is being revamped right now

-- Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Reportedly, once the revamped feature is in place, existing verified users will have 90 days to start paying the $20, or they will lose their verification status.

Twitter has not announced this feature, but according to The Verge, engineers were briefed on October 31, 2022. They were told to implement the change by November 7 - or be fired.

Separately, the Washington Post reports that Musk and colleagues spent October 31 planning a first round of layoffs. Reportedly, the layoffs will affect 25% of Twitter staff.

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    They should all quit.
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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,197member
    Never used Twitter but it looks like Elon is trying to shut it down so he can take a huge tax loss. Wouldn't bother me one bit if it's gone.
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    doaldoal Posts: 27member
    Twitter is going the way of tumblr.  You can’t run a successful business through intimidation. At least not for very long. 
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    Elon is using best practices for turning billions into millions 
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    BigBWSRBigBWSR Posts: 10unconfirmed, member
    Classy guy, because intimidation always works so well.
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    blastdoorblastdoor Posts: 3,142member
    NickoTT said:
    They should all quit.
    And go start a competitor to Twitter. 

    It’s hard to overcome the network advantages of an entrenched company like twitter. But Musk might be creating the opportunity for a potential disruptor. 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,225member
    blastdoor said:
    NickoTT said:
    They should all quit.
    And go start a competitor to Twitter. 

    It’s hard to overcome the network advantages of an entrenched company like twitter. But Musk might be creating the opportunity for a potential disruptor. 
    Definitely. I only use Twitter as a pretty much passive tool to stay up-to-date on rail network incidents but the whole Twitter interface is a huge mess. 

    I can't believe how poor it is. There is definitely a better way. 
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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 2,979member
    Elon is using best practices for turning billions into millions 
    That was a Howie Hughes original. The story is that he was asked in Congress how someone could amass an inconceivably vast personal fortune of one million dollars. I paraphrase, but his response was reportedly, "sir, I believe in a hard work ethic and dedication to one's goals. Also, I inherited two million."
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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 2,979member

    NickoTT said:
    They should all quit.
    Better idea: file a petition to unionize. 
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    Fred257Fred257 Posts: 229member
    You guys are so out of touch with technology these days with your narcissist Elon Musk posts.

    In the meantime there are innovations happening that you guys are missing.

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    So glad that Tweetbot still works. To this day, I have never seen a single ad on Twitter. If Twitter ever makes Elon Fascist a single dime, that's when I walk away.
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    maltzmaltz Posts: 428member
    If Musk burns twitter to the ground... I'm okay with that.  Maybe he can buy Facebook next.  lol
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,084member
    Verification is good for users, but It’s also better for Twitter as a whole. A better move would have been to require verification for all users, at no cost. If he doesn’t want to Twitter to be a “free-for-all hellscape,” forcing users to de-verify en masse is not the way to go. And it sounds like he’s lost touch with the value of $20, which is still significant to most people.
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    maltz said:
    If Musk burns twitter to the ground... I'm okay with that.  Maybe he can buy Facebook next.  lol
    Seriously. I welcome the worst billionaires to buy all society ruining services. Flame out in one incestuous buying spree.
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    He said he would do this when he first mentioned buying Twitter. 

    He’s following through. 

    It’s always rough though to start charging for what has previously been free 

    And $20 per month for. A check mark icon? Yikes. 

    Outside of that, a verification/status symbol is Nora bad way to monetize an organization the had become an investor money pit. 
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    I think a few things are going on here. He fired the executive staff “with cause” to avoid paying out stock option entitlements that were about to mature. He had texted with a friend before that his plan was to lay off about 75% of the Twitter work force. Now he is setting up “cause” to fire instead of layoff as much staff as possible which will save him from paying out even more upcoming entitlements, and gets out his new monetization strategy.

    I am a developer and would never work for Elon, but if I were at Twitter now, I would not quit, not work more than my standard day, and when I was fired (which is probably going to happen even to those willing to work 24/7) file wrongful termination with unemployment, get a lawyer and get the ball rolling on the wrongful termination lawsuit that will be coming. He is so arrogant and out of touch that he thinks he can use shortcuts to get what he wants, no matter who he has to run over in order to do this.

    Anyone looking for Twitter alternatives, I highly recommend the massive open source, self run instance, Federated universe known as Mastodon.
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    This isn’t innovation this is pure greed. Elon has proven he’s a mess.
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    So does Vegas have a line on whether the "verification" part turns out to be a sham? 
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    Not everyone needs verification.  Verification is for those that are celebrities, politicians, etc, where it's likely that others would create accounts to pretend to be them.  For these people, $20/month is very little money.

    What this does is make it a financial burden to scam the verification system for someone that figured out how to trick the verification process.  Now that 'fake' account you create requires a payment which then creates more of a paper trail as to who is behind the fake account.

    Makes total sense.
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