Apple TV+ thriller 'Severance' adds eight to cast as season 2 begins filming

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Ben Stiller's thriller "Severance" has begun filming its second season for Apple TV+, and eight new cast members have been announced that include Bob Balaban and Gwendoline Christie.

Apple TV+ thriller 'Severance' begins filming season 2
Apple TV+ thriller 'Severance' begins filming season 2

"Severance" is a critically acclaimed thriller set in a dystopian near-future following Mark Scout, played by Adam Scott. Lumon Industries uses an experimental severance procedure to surgically divide employees' work and personal memories.

Apple TV+ announced that filming is underway with Dan Erickson as the creator and writer. Ben Stiller is back as director and executive producer. The ensemble cast returns with Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Tramell Tillman, Michael Chernus, and Christopher Walken.

There are eight new stars for season two -- Bob Balaban, Robby Benson, Stefano Carannante, Gwendoline Christie, John Noble, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Alia Shawkat, and Merritt Wever.

The show picked up 14 Emmy Award nominations with two awards won for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series and Outstanding Main Title Design. It has cleaned up at other awards shows like the Hollywood Critics awards with five awards.

The entire first season of "Severance" is available on Apple TV+ for paying subscribers. Customers can subscribe for $6.99 per month or via any tier of the Apple One bundle.

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    Person One: “What do you think of them growing the cast like this? Do you think they’re going overboard?”
    Person Two: “Maeby.”

    Who wants to put money on Gwendoline Christie being presented as interesting and competent early in the season before being punked out and, ultimately, killed off in a ridiculous way about midway through?

    … Alright, I’ll see myself out. I’m out of jokes about the new cast mates anyway.

    In all seriousness, I’m incredibly intrigued to see where Severance goes. I was late to the party, but became instantly hooked when I finally checked the show out. Here’s hoping it continues to produce some really compelling content.
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    MadbumMadbum Posts: 536member
    Cannot wait, incredible show
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