iCloud Mail experiencing intermittent outages for some

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Some users are unable to check their iCloud Mail as Apple's system suffers from a limited-scope outage.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

According to Apple's System Status page, the issue has been going on since 6:41 PM Eastern and is only affecting certain users.

Some users have taken to Twitter to report the outage, and as MacRumors has noted, DownDetector has seen an uptick in reports over the last few hours.

iCloud mail down for anyone else too?

-- yasir (@future_yas)

Currently, none of Apple's other services are affected, according to the system status page.

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    MadbumMadbum Posts: 438member
    Not affected here
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,046member
    Affected. Two messages appeared in my Inbox, but couldn’t be downloaded. Also, I got one of those reminder e-mails even though I had turned that off. I deleted it a few times, but it kept appearing. 
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    Seems OK in UK. 
    edited November 2022
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