Apple building new ad network for live television

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Apple continues to expand its advertising network as it begins setting up framework to run ads during Major League Soccer games.

Apple and MLS partnership
Apple and MLS partnership

As part of a larger advertising push, Apple is preparing to create new advertising opportunities during next year's soccer games and related shows.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is talking with advertising partners and MLS sponsors. Apple is planning to run ads across all three tiers of the partnership, including the dedicated package, Apple TV+ subscriptions, and the free Apple TV app.

Apple signed a 10-year deal to air MLS games. The partnership between Apple and MLS will allow fans to watch every match without local blackouts or a TV subscription bundle.

Apple is expanding advertising in other places, too.

Apple Maps may begin showing ads to users as early as 2023.

Apple recently rolled out new advertising slots within its App Store.

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    edited November 2022 davgreg
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    No ads pushing notifications over location indicators of local businesses!! I just want to know what’s there - not what people have paid to be presented. 
    edited November 2022 davgreg
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    At least sports is a area that can be tastefully monetized with ads. Even sports betting ads would be fine!
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,213member
    Pay for the service, then get ads anyway. I really, really hate that.
    I pay so I don’t get ads.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    darbus69 said:
    If you mean like Sling, Direct TV or any of the other streaming services, I personally doubt it.
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    Would rather this than ads in the middle of apps like News, the App Store, and freaking MAPS….
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,039member
    Soccer Zzzz..
    I really do not get the interest in the most boring game this side of Curling and I have lived overseas and seen it up close.

    As to ads - I want none and have no problem paying for content that is ad free. One of the very first things I set up on any new device is ad blocking. One ad is one too many.
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