Yeelight launches new Matter Cube light, will update others with Matter support

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Smart home accessory manufacturer Yeelight is jumping on the Matter bandwagon, launching a new Matter-certified smart lamp as well as bringing the standard to existing products via a OTA firmware update.

Yeelight supports Matter
Yeelight to support Matter

Yeelight has announced a new lineup of products dubbed Yeelight Fun that focus on entertainment, media, and gaming. One of the first products in the lineup is the new Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp.

This lamp has a modular design made up of individual cubes that have different functionality. In our early look, we discovered cubes that can display different information via a pixel art screen, some that can show full gradients of colors, and others that act as a mini spotlight with indirect lighting.

The upcoming Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp
Yeelight's upcoming Cube Smart Lamp

The Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp has received its certification in the Matter Certification Program ahead of its launch. Yeelight says the new lamp will be launching "soon" and plans to be one of the very first products to market with support for Matter.

No pricing has been announced, nor exactly what modules will be available.

While the customization will likely need done in the Yeelight app, Matter support will allow the lamp to be controlled via the Apple Home app.

Additionally, Yeelight plans to update its entire Yeelight Pro line to support Matter with a free firmware update in the coming months.

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    JP234JP234 Posts: 1,072member
    Not buying anything that starts with "Ye," not now, not ever.

    Maybe some yellow corn flour. :)
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    Fred257Fred257 Posts: 220member
    No more Yee for me. They should sue that guy…
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    Looked at their website and it's a random collection of generic wifi lightbulbs and such.
    Nothing particularly interesting. Certainly nothing special. 

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