New Plugable USB-C dock supports four external displays on M1 Macs

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Plugable's new Quad HDMI adapter lets Apple users add up to four external displays on a M1 Mac -- with some caveats.

Plugable Quad HDMI Adapter
Plugable Quad HDMI Adapter

Plugable says that its new USB to HDMI adapter is excellent for multitasking or extending a workspace. Connected via a single USB-C cable, the dock supports four monitors, each at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60Hz or lower.

It's great for running office-related apps such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office. The company doesn't recommend the product for gaming or other graphics-intensive work. Playback of HDCP-protected content on sites, including Netflix and Hulu, is not supported.

Typically, support for external displays on Macs has some limitations. The M1 chip can run a single external display connected via USB-C on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The Mac mini supports one monitor through HDMI, and one on USB-C.

However, Plugable says that its adapter can let any M1 or M2 Mac run up to four monitors, even on devices that would otherwise support only one. Driver installation is required through the InstantView app.

Pricing & Availability

The Plugable USB-C or USB 3.0 Quad HDMI Adapter is available on Amazon for $119.00. At press time, a $10 off on-page coupon is available.

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    I would prefer the inverse: a device that would allow me to connect several M1 Macs to a single display.
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    I would prefer the inverse: a device that would allow me to connect several M1 Macs to a single display.
    Get a video switch or kvm if you need to switch mouse and keyboard also. It is done all the time. Not sure about thunderbolt or usb-c switching. I had a hmdi switch but got tired of switching between keyboard and mouse. I just have a two port kvm to switch hmdi, Apple keyboard and Apple trackpad between m1 Mac mini and Intel Mac mini running Linux. I find I have to awaken the monitor on the intel side if I going to use Linux, otherwise the video is messed up. The m1 mini doesn’t care. 
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