iPhone 15 rumored to have have more rounded corners

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A prolific leaker has said that the iPhone 15 enclosure will get a redesign, and have a new frame with more curved edges.

iPhone 15 Pro render
iPhone 15 Pro render

There have been many early reports of the iPhone 15 range, concentrating on issues to do with cameras, and a greater difference between the regular and Pro models. It's also been rumored that Apple will name its top of the range model, the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra, taking the naming convention from the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Now an early image leak claims that there will be a redesign to the main chassis of the iPhone 15, and that the body will be made from titanium. While the provenance of the leak isn't clear -- and neither is the image -- it's more likely that the iPhone 15 Pro will be made from titanium than the regular model will just because of the cost of sourcing and machining the material.

Leaker "ShrimpApplePro" stresses that this leak is "still very early," however.

So the new iPhone 15
From the early information that I have, the iPhone 15 will feature a new border design. The back edge corner (as pointed out in the images) will be rounded and not square anymore.
The material also will be titanium.
Still very early to take it as it is. pic.twitter.com/hbdCKUhVP9

-- ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco)

Apple has had more rounded corners on iPhones before, perhaps most noticeably with the iPhone 5c range. The chassis on that range was made from plastic, where Apple has also used aluminum and stainless steel.

If the leak is correct, it would mean the iPhone 15 range will be the first iPhones to use titanium as a body material. Apple has used titanium for the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple has also used titanium as part of its physical Apple Card. Most famously, Apple used titanium on the PowerBook G4, but as AppleInsider readers pointed out in the early 2000s, that model was prone to paint chipping off.

There have also been rounded screens on iPhones -- which has even led to attempted lawsuits.

"ShrimpApplePro" has a decent history. The most recent leak presented was correct with a prediction that the Apple Watch Series 8 would not feature a redesign as expected.

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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,117member
    And you said that Apple can’t innovate and bring big changes every year!
    How long until Samsung copies this, or makes fun of it in ads . . . or both!
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    I knew it. The round corners are back. Just like bell bottom pants.
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    Oh no, slippery again! :/
  • Reply 4 of 13
    Really? Yawn…..
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    My credit card is anxiously awaiting this release 
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    People are misinterpreting the true headline/rumor.

    The new iPhone will have MORE rounded corners.  Like dozens more.  The first star-shaped smart phone!
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    Looks like catching Apple product pundits and charging them premiums for "innovation".

    Just compare iPhone 13 and 14 (not mini, max or pro, but regular models) and see how much change. Is it worth to get rid of physical SIM for few gimmicks that do not matter much?

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    JP234 said:
    No way are you going to be able to use that iPhone 13-14 case with your iPhone 15!
    Couldn't use your iPhone 12 case with the 13s either...
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    thttht Posts: 5,499member
    Hope these rounded edges make it to the iPads too. 

    Next thing I’d like to see are optional camera modules, with one option being a flush one. 

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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,351member
    People are misinterpreting the true headline/rumor.

    The new iPhone will have MORE rounded corners.  Like dozens more.  The first star-shaped smart phone!
    It can't have fewer without becoming an oval.
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    Be careful what you wish for. I hated the slick, rounded edges of prior generation iPhones, which made them as slippery as a $1,000 wet bar of soap unless in a case, Why, I wondered, couldn't we go back to the flat edges of the iPhone 4 and 5? And then Apple did exactly that, but the flat sides don't work nearly as well on phones so much larger than the 4 and 5. Yes, the grip is much better, but iPhones 12-14 have all felt like bricks to me. There's no feeling of polish or elegance when holding them--they're just clunky. So while I take this very early and unsubstantiated report with the largest grain of salt possible, I do really like the look of these renders, especially those in 3-D. (I didn't really get what was meant by rounded corners until I saw them in 3-D.) I think they add some needed design flair to current gen iPhones and soften the brick-like appearance just enough. This design also looks like it would feel better in the hand. 

    All of the above is completely subjective, of course, so don't feel the need to flame me if you disagree! 
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    The iPhone XS is my favourite design. Rounded and pleasant to hold. The step to the new 14pro was bitter sweet. Noticeably heavier, thicker, and sharp around the edges. Not very pleasant at all imo. Glad to hear Apple reportedly exploring rounded edges again, and using a 45% lighter metal. Should address both of my issues with the current 14 pro.

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