Kanye West confused about banks, Apple Pay, and FCC



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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,580member
    Xed said:
    DAalseth said:
    Xed said:
    This individual isn't mentally sounds and needs a conservatorship.
    Reminds me of Howard Hughes in the last few years. Mad as a hatter, but able to afford enough attorneys and toadies to cover over his behaviour and to allow him to not get the mental help he desperately needs. I suspect that West will end up the same way Hughes did. 
    I agree with Trevor Noah on this. We can laugh, but at the core this is someone with mental health issues getting a platform instead of the help they need, which is unfortunate.

    I love this so much.  <3
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    genovellegenovelle Posts: 1,481member
    Rich and mentally wealthy idiot. He's along the same line of Anna Sorokin, Elizabeth Holmes and Trevor Milton.
    U might wanna make up your own mind - you will be shocked. 

    They call him crazy, but I listen to him and I can see he's not only not crazy, he is very intelligent. And I've never been a Kanye fan, nor have I ever really cared for celebrities. I don't care about all that. But I care about people who speak the truth. And there we go. Very eloquent, lucid, and on a different level. 

    As for the banks where people here question whether they can turn off his money - look into Andrew Tate's story. 

    Andrew Tate, regardless if you think he's a douche or a top G, had all his bank accounts, twitter, IG, Facebook, even AirBnB shut down, all on the same day. I researched this and as it turns out the USA has a "ministry of truth" kind of department which works with all these parties to classify and suppress "misinformation". Just like in George Orwell's 1984. The agency came into existence after Trump won in 2016, and it coordinates big tech, government, mainstream media, and - apparently -also banks.
    Interesting. What is the official name of this department? Public entities still require public disclosure and even government websites. For instance, there is a vaccine court that few know about, but it’s called the court of the special master. You can search every thing they’ve done every year on their website including injury awards. 
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    Kanye is so far gone that he does not even know the basic functions of government agencies. He wants a government agency that does not investigate banks to investigate his bank.  Even worse, he somehow connects that to his fantasy of running for president. SMH.

    Kanye is undoubtedly creative with music and design. Other than that, IMO, he seems to be a grossly deranged  man with a Messiah complex. So sad. 
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