10.2.5 out...at SU!



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    burningwheelburningwheel Posts: 1,827member
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    Has anyone else had their .Mac mail problems fixed with 10.2.5?
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    tchwojkotchwojko Posts: 139member
    Recalibrating the battery worked this time. I don't know if it was 10.2.5 or if I just didn't do it right previously. At any rate my battery life is much better now. Woo hoo! 8)
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member

    Well folks, I downloaded my 10.2.5 in HOPES that it would fix my problem not being able to send mail from ANY of my .mac accounts from the Mail application.

    I really doubt Apple allows for multiple .mac accounts per person.


    (btw, I do not want to use my ISP's smtp server. I get spammed when I do so

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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    Originally posted by Chucker

    I really doubt Apple allows for multiple .mac accounts per person.

    sure they do. if you pay them all...
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    My 10.2.5 sped things ups. A big 'thank you' to SJ. Keep up the good work. (ps, let the programers out of their boxes once in a while to visit the vending machines please)
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    As a household..yes, I do have more than one account. One for my other half, and one for me. I have friends with multiple .mac accounts..so apparently you CAN have more than one. Still, better yet and back to the subject - has anyone had any success in getting their Mail Client (the one built into OSX) to send any .Mac mail after updating to 10.2.5? To refrence the question Eh? (about using my ISP smtp server to send the .mac mail and spam) I did change it for a temporary mesaure to send mail from the OSX mail client from a .mac account. I only had sent one message (to my honeys account) and almost immediately got spammed heavily, I personally do not see how this could be, but within an hour..I had both accounts get spammed with identical emails. It has taken about a week to get all of the spam filtered out, and I know I could use the spam filter, but who wants to deal with it, when they don't have to. I PAY for the .Mac service and just want it to work, the way it is SUPPOSED TO. I have called Apple for the first time about this (or any problems with apple stuff) and they could not help me. I went to Apple's .Mac discussion boards as requested and submitted a post there. I saw DOZENS of people with the same problem, and we were all pretty much copy pasted the same response - Apple is just wanting us to use our ISP's smtp server. NO, I WANT AND NEED TO USE APPLES. I pay for the service, and want it to work. I don't want a workaround ( I know it is not my ISP or port blocking, cause I am able to send and recieve .mac mail using other mail clients such as eudora, or the client built into netscape.) If anyone can help, it would be appreciated by many, not just my self. Thanks again for reading the old Rant!
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member
    Yes! 10.2.5 fixed my problems with playing DVD-Rs from my Panasonic DVD Recorder deck! I'll never go back to VHS now!

    I knew this was a support thing. Thanks Apple!
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    My Mail works just fine sending through .Mac. I only have one account though so I can't test multiple accounts.
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    Do you guys still have problems with custom icons ?

    For me, nothing changed after the 10.2.5 update. I don't see any differences, except that my date isn't reset.

    I still have the pasted icon problem. When I paste a new icon on a folder (or an app) which already have a custom icon, nothing change ! Apparently, I can delete the icon first, but when I try to paste a new one, the old icon is back again. What gives, Apple ?
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yes Kali I see this too when I try to change icons on my desktop. WTF Apple? I repaired permissions and still no go. It changes when I log out but I can't ever log out since I run Carracho Server 24/7.
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member

    I don't think that is going to help them. If they are still experiencing it in the latest update. Did you guys try to restart the finder after changing the icon? that works for me at times
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yea but what the hell is up with this, it didn't happen in 10.2.3 on either my iBook or miniPowerBook. It happened in 10.2.4 and now 10.2.5.
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member

    Originally posted by burningwheel

    thankfully that darn date and time problem has been fixed!

    now if mail.app would get it's act together... er maybe it's my isp..evil comcast

    What problem are you having with Mail? Mine, right after the update, stopped receiving any mail at all. I just deleted the preferences and set the mailbox up from scrap and it was fine again.
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    iBrowse...OMG..that is somthing I have not done. Apple did not suggest it, and in my blind RAGE of the situation..totally brain-farted on that fact. I will try that once I am done making this DVD right now, and do that. If indeed it does fix it (deleting all accounts AND prefrences) and doing the whole thing from scratch. I have deleted all accounts before and reput them in from scratch- but not deleted the prefrences....simple, yet it may yeild what is needed. If this works, I thank you, if not- it was worth a try. I will let you all know if this indeed works. Cheers!
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    blixablixa Posts: 13member
    Yep, I'm having this exact same problem. I didn't know that plugging the dongle into a hub made it work, though -- thanks!


    Originally posted by Saltire

    Hi I did just post this in a different thread, but I'll put it here too,

    I'm haveing a problem with my Bluetooth after updating to 10.2.5 (using the D-Link DWB-120M adapter). Whenever I wake my iBook from sleep Bluetooth is turned off (it recognises the adapter is there but states in the menu extra and Prefpane that Bluetooth is off) - the only solution is to unplug the adapter then plug it back in again. The same problem occurs on our iMac DV.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    edit: Done some testing and here's my conclusion which I sent to Apple:

    Using the D-Link DWB-120M Bluetooth adapter on Mac OS X v10.2.5.

    With the adapter plugged into a USB port on the computer the adapter would not turn on after waking the computer from sleep (Bluetooth menu extra and Prefpane stated that Bluetooth was turned off. The only solution was to unplug then plug the adapter. This problem was reproduced everytime when waking from sleep on an iBook 600Mhz and an iMac DV.

    However, if the adapter is plugged into a USB hub (external USB hub or a keyboard hub) then it works correctly when the machine wakes up with no problem.

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    garypgaryp Posts: 150member
    News from the USB kernel panic front:

    The 10.2.5 update, while successful for most users, has been anywhere from problematical to disastrous for more than a few. Since I was one of the few, I have been avidly following Apple's discussion boards on this topic. There are many, many posts. MacFixIt reports significantly larger than usual email volume related to trouble with the 10.2.5 update.

    Most common symptom is kernel panics every 5 to 10 minutes which are USB related. Consensus is the system is choking on loading multiple connect devices in some configurations. Unplugging all USB devices stops the panics, but is obviously not a solution for those who use their devices regularily.

    Apple phone support people have reportedly been admitting to some callers that there is a problem with USB in 10.2.5, and saying that Apple is working on a fix. Interestingly enough, it looks like this buggy update is already burned onto CDs and available at the Apple Store.

    In my case, I had the 10 minute kernel panics, which led me into a 10 hour troubleshooting binge during which 10.2.5 fried the USB ports on my expensive graphic arts monitor. This is not an isolated case. I have already noted several other reports of USB monitor ports being disabled by this flawed update.

    Expect more news and discussion as Apple's little goof snowballs over the coming week.
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    spookyspooky Posts: 504member
    does anyone else feel that we are now entering a new era when macos and windows will to all intenets and purposes be indistinguishable. I cannot comprehend the appalling mess apple has made of the last 2 updates. for them to screw up on something as basic as USB is soemthing we would smugly laugh at the windows world with. the question is that in an era of machines with slight differences, a plethora of pc ported usb cards and 3rd party peripherals, can we expect a new age when we can no longer just expect apple stuff to work? since 10.2.4 I have for the first time in nearly 2 decades been afraid to apply an apple system update. I feel like a windows user.

    I also get the feeling that apple's own development team are not finding X as rosy and swet as they might at first have thought. since the move to X they still haven't managed to make it as fast as 9, can't seem to prevent files being sprayed all over the place by developers, rely on us fixing permissions and fscking (yeah, that's real mac like), no boot to a desktop from a CD and much more.

    what the hell is going on?
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    garypgaryp Posts: 150member

    Your post pretty much sums up my feelings after wasting 10 hours troubleshooting for Apple and losing the USB ports on my Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u. My faith in the stability of OS X has been shaken.

    My guess is that Apple employees are under so much pressure from Jobs to do the impossible all the time that mistakes slip by in the rush.
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