WaterField releases a ballistic nylon carrying case for the iPhone

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WaterField Designs has released a new carrying case for iPhone made of ballistic nylon that people can wear across their bodies.

How the bag looks while wearing it
How the bag looks while wearing it

It's called the Essential iPhone Crossbody Pouch, with room for an iPhone and small accessories such as keys and AirPods Pro. The company says it makes an ideal sidekick for hiking, running errands, or a night on the town.

Essential iPhone Crossbody Pouch

Made from 1050 denier ballistic nylon resistant to water and abrasion, it has a colorful, high-performance Forza textile accent for style.

WaterField's new iPhone carrying bag
WaterField's new iPhone carrying bag

An interior pocket keeps an iPhone or smartphone-sized accessories separated and protected from other contents. Another pocket holds AirPods or another small item.

The front loop on the pouch can support a carabiner, keychain, or sunglasses for easy access. A front open-topped pocket stows other quick-access items or items attached to the front loop.

A YKK waterproof zipper protects the contents from the elements, and two custom metal zipper pulls grant access from either side of the pouch.

The bag can fit several small items with an iPhone
The bag can fit several small items with an iPhone

Users can easily adjust the attached strap using the Camlock buckle.

Pricing & Availability

The Essential iPhone Crossbody Pouch joins WaterField's Essential Bag Collection, a line of lightweight bags that focuses on each bag's functional essence. It's available to purchase for $79.

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    OferOfer Posts: 170unconfirmed, member
    I really like WaterField’s leather products and own a leather holster from them for my iPhone. So I was pretty excited to see this item. Seems like a great fit. Then I got to the price. $79 for a small bag that’s made out of nylon is too much. I’m more than willing to pay a premium for their leather products. But nylon is a cheap material, not worth paying more than maybe $50 for something like this in my opinion.
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,277member
    Having owned several ballistic nylon items from Waterfield, I'll say their products are excellent. Well thought out design and solid construction. They've all got a lot of use yet show very little wear, and there's not been one seam or zipper failure.

    I've gone cheap and paid the price, twice. Once for the initial purchase, again for a quality replacement. Truthe be told, cheap is fine for a little used item, or a small pouch-like thing. But if I'm going to carry something of real value, a product that can be trusted is a must.

    It doesn't matter to a lot of people, but Waterfield products are made here in SF, made in America. Not to be jingoistic, when it's a quality product I'll buy US Made if I can. Oversees products are a mixed bag and I prefer to pay once. 

    $50 would require overseas labor and probably materials, which for some people is ok. But $80 for a well designed and even more importantly, well constructed  product is ok with my wallet. In this case, that $30 difference in arbitrary low-ball pricing buys US and local (for me), excellent product support, particularly by way of a reasonable lifetime warranty. I've never needed to use it.

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