IKEA and Sonos launch new SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker

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IKEA and Sonos have partnered to launch SYMFONISK, a combination of floor lamp and speaker that blends into a living space.


The two companies first launched a SYMFONISK lamp speaker in 2019, and the new version acts as a floor lamp. The goal was to help people listen to music in limited spaces that may not have room for a speaker on a table or counter.

"We have learnt a great deal about how people want to furnish with light and sound. We also know that many people want to have several light sources on different levels and parts of the room to create the right mood," said Stjepan Begic, Range Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden. "The challenge of not having enough room for a table to put the lamp on led us to create the floor lamp."

The speaker blends into the home
The speaker blends into the home

The SYMFONISK speaker has a bamboo lamp shade that gently spreads light throughout a room. People can personalize it with other SYMFONISK lamp shades that are sold separately.

Paired with other products from the SYMFONISK range or other Sonos products, the lamp can also act as a rear speaker to create a home theater setup with light and room-filling sound.

Controlling the speaker
Controlling the speaker

The SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker can be added to the IKEA Home smart app and controlled with other smart devices to create scenes that positively affect moments in the home.

SYMFONISK speaker - Pricing & Availability

The new SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker will be available in all IKEA markets starting January 2023. However, the price has yet to be released.

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    Does it do airplay 2?
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    Curiosity got me, so I checked the IKEA site. 
    They have a whole SYMPHONIK range of speakers and accessories.
    Apparently their newer speakers support AirPlay 2. NICE!

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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,637member
    I’d like to see what kind of living space this thing is supposed to blend into. Tree house? Basement troll cave? It looks like it was designed in a high school shop class. HomePod on a stick wearing a hat. I hope the bottom plate weighs at least 20 lbs and people who buy it don’t have dogs or kids. 
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