Samsung announces massive 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 curved gaming monitor

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Samsung is going all-out at CES 2023 with a new lineup of impressive monitors for gaming, content creation, and productivity.

Odyssey Neo G9
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Anyone looking for a massive gaming monitor can stop looking. The new Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is its most immersive, with a curved 57-inch display and a 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio.

The Neo G9 has a 7680 by 2160 resolution, is 8K on the horizontal, and features a pixel density of 140PPI.

It uses Mini LED tech with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and support for HDR1000. In addition, the display has a matte finish and a 240Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.

For inputs, it has DisplayPort 2.1 -- a first for a gaming monitor, as well as HDMI and USB-C.

Currently, there isn't native support for 8K displays on macOS, though that may change by the time the Neo G9 launches.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 will hit store shelves next year. However, pricing was not yet available.

Samsung took the opportunity to remind customers that the previously-announced Odyssey G8 QD-OLED that debuted at IFA 2022 will soon hit shelves.

This week Samsung also announced the ViewFinity S9 and an updated M8 Smart Monitor.

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    shaminoshamino Posts: 524member
    Regarding "native support for 8K displays", I wouldn't call this an 8K display since it's an ultra-wide.  An 8K 16:9 display would be 7680x4320 (about 33M pixels).  This is 7680x2160 - half the pixels (16.5M).  Its requirements fall halfway between those of a 4K and an 8K display.

    Regarding what Apple can support, the highest resolutions they currently advertise is 6K for the ProDisplay XDR (6016x3384 = 20M pixels).  This is 21% more pixels than the Neo G9.  Which means any Mac capable of driving a ProDisplay XDR has a GPU with enough bandwidth (and video memory) to drive this Samsung display.  In other words, it really should just work - the Mac should read the display's native resolution via DDC and the Mac should be able to generate the signal.  If it doesn't, I would consider it a really embarrassing bug.
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