T-Mobile informs customers of yet another data breach

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T-mobile has suffered another data breach after a malicious party obtained "limited types of information" on user accounts.

On Thursday, T-Mobile posted a statement to its site that it was in the process of "informing impacted customers...that a bad actor used a single Application Programming Interface (or API) to obtain limited types of information on their accounts."

T-Mobile assures customers that it shut the attack down within 24 hours as soon as it identified the issue.

"Our systems and policies prevented the most sensitive types of customer information from being accessed, and as a result, customer accounts and finances should not be put at risk directly by this event," the statement reads. "There is also no evidence that the bad actor breached or compromised T-Mobile's network or systems."

According to the company, no passwords, payment information, social security numbers, or government-issued ID numbers were compromised. However, basic information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and account numbers was obtained.

In August 2021, T-Mobile suffered a data breach that affected 47.8 million customer accounts.

In July 2022, T-Mobile has proposed a settlement of $500 million to end a class-action lawsuit following the August 2021 customer data breach.

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    Why do these breaches happen so frequently with T-Mobile but not with other carriers? Are they happening at other carriers, too, and we just don’t hear about it?
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    I terminated my T-Mobile account immediately after that 2021 hack incident because it was clear after reading about their poor security practices that they'd 100% be repeatedly hacked afterwards. The fines and penalties are NOT severe enough to force security-negligent companies such as T-Mobile to implement proper secure firewalls, so their bean counters have done the math & find that it's cheaper to pay a relatively small fine for massive & damaging security breaches than to ongoingly invest in robust customer security.

    Abandon T-Mobile now. They will never keep your date secure.
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    Only been breached once on my t-mobile money card because i got caught answering yes on a phish call while on vacation. T-mobile money pays me 4% interest on 3k along with discounts for auto pay on my t-mobile bill for every line…no card or company is immune, but to me t-mobile is a no brainer, where’s your brains??? ;)
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    August's breach is to blame. No fresh breach. A large number of people have had their information exposed on the dark web. Although it doesn't help, you have had plenty of time to take precautions.
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