Logitech Mevo Go review: Promising, but needs ironing out

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Logitech's Mevo Go software will be ideal at some point for those looking to stream live events to their followers or subscribers -- but it's not quite there yet.

Mevo Go
Mevo Go

Mevo Go is a companion app in the Mevo ecosystem that provides creators with solutions for multicam streaming and recording. With Mevo Go, the user can send video, audio, and can screencast to the Mevo Multicam app without the need for additional hardware.

Up until the beginning of January 2023, the Mevo community could only use dedicated hardware, like Logitech cameras, to join the multi-camera ecosystem. Now, Mevo Go allows content creators to tap into the Mevo ecosystem using devices they already own.

Getting started can be tricky

For good tech to soar, it is important that the tech is user-friendly. Logitech's Mevo Go is like an old car in the snow that needs a bit of gas to start -- once you've revved it up and gotten going, it is a decent experience.

However, you might still feel out in the cold until you familiarize yourself with both apps and just how they work together.

How to get started with Mevo Go

Download Mevo Multicam
Start your two-week free trial with Mevo Pro
On a second device, download Mevo Go
Connect Mevo Go to Mevo Multicam and start creating

If it seems like a lot of hoops to go through to set up, it is.

To use this technology, run Mevo Go on one device, and Mevo Multicam on a second. Then link.
To use this technology, run Mevo Go on one device, and Mevo Multicam on a second. Then link.

You'll need one device to record, another device to stream, two separate -- yet linked -- apps, a premium subscription, and a good deal of patience.

Mevo Go app recording on the iPad, and Mevo Multicam on the iPhone
Mevo Go app recording on the iPad, and Mevo Multicam on the iPhone

If you have an iPad and an iPhone, for example, you can use one as your control center and the other as your recording device. Once you're in and connected, the features are straightforward.

Mego Go - Features

Mevo Go is ideal for content creators. Creators have the ability to stream and record multicam videos in 1080p HD, which is a decently clear picture.

Mevo Go ecosystem features
Mevo Go ecosystem features

Other features include: wirelessly switching between two multiple Mevo cameras, streaming to YouTube and twitch, utilizing multiple camera angles, graphics, and picture-in-picture settings, mixing sound to your liking with the audio mixer, and adjusting camera exposure and lighting while live.

Mevo Multicam app control center
Mevo Multicam app control center

The interface is simple, but perhaps almost too simple. The app has the feel like it's still stuck in beta testing and can sometimes be buggy with random quits or your camera device disconnecting from the app at will.

Optional Logitech Mevo Start camera

If you would rather use a designated video camera to film and stream, you can consider Mevo Start.

Mevo Start camera
Mevo Start camera

While portable -- but not as portable as the iPhone in your pocket -- its zoom is often unresponsive even after multiple taps and the batteries die after about 90 minutes of filming. The picture and sound quality are good, but the technology in your phone rivals the power.

The upside to purchasing the camera is the ability to use your phone as a phone, instead of a camera/control center in case you need to answer a call or check your email while casting.

A big downside is the price tag. If you don't mind dishing out some cash, the camera is $399.00 and can be purchased at Amazon and BestBuy.com.

Where to find & subscription

Connecting Mevo Go to Mevo Multicam requires a Mevo Pro subscription. A 14-day free trial is included to test out the apps and their premium features, unlocking these features across all Mevo apps.

Note that using the 'free' version won't get you very far, as you won't be able to connect Mevo Go to Mevo Multicam. To use successfully stream, you'll need both apps across two devices, and that means you'll need to pay.

Mevo Go is promising tech, but there are still a few bugs to iron out. During the pandemic, we saw a huge demand for HD streaming across multiple realms. Even now, many of these shifts to the remote/online sphere are permanent and the demand remains.

Logitech's Mevo Go has room to grow and could soon be a great option for content creators.

Mevo Go Pros

Stream using your own devices
Multi-destination streaming
No screechy feedback while in use
Clear picture
More bells and whistles promised to be added by Logitech in the future
Stream to YouTube or twitch

Mevo Go Cons

Difficulty getting started
We'd love 4K streaming
Must purchase the premium version and download two separate apps to combine Mevo Go and Mevo Multicam apps for streaming
Ability to output multicam production to the computer only possible with a third app: Mevo Webcam
Sound comes in hot; volume slider needs capability to be even quieter
Camera can disconnect at will and reconnection takes time
No multi-user option. Would be advantageous if one person is on graphics, and another, responsible for camera angles and audio levels
For those new to multi-cam streaming, needs patience to set up

Rating: 3 out of 5

To stream, you must download both apps, Mevo Go and Mevo Multicam. Mevo Go requires iOS 14 or later and is a 23.6 MB download. Mevo Multicam also requires iOS 14 or later, and is a 133.2 MB download.

To use both, it'll cost you $19 per month or $149 annually.

Mevo is available in the United States, Canada, and select countries in Europe.

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    Bought a Mevo camera a few years ago. It was great and simple to stream events. Then Logitech took it over and turned it into a complicated dogs breakfast. No more easy push to stream simplicity. It’s ended up unused now, as the tech naive users have become scared of it.
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