Google bizarrely believes that iPhone photos can be fixed on a Pixel



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    gatorguy said:
    tanelorn said:

    It's an odd situation in which a Pixel owner could save the day by fixing blurry or low-quality photos from others. Perhaps the iPhone user had unwittingly turned on Low Quality Image Mode in Settings.

    It's not entirely bizarre, given that Pixel hardware has been increasingly specialized to run the AI-assisted software. iPhones have a version of Lens available, but friends/family borrow my phone for the instant/live translation, transcription & OCR functions the 7/7Pro chipsets can do within a moment of opening the camera. I borrow their Apple devices to use iOS only software like Procreate when it's the best for something I'm working on.

    All the device ecosystems have specific stuff they do particularly well.  
    I use both iPhone and Android for the same reason. There are things my iPhone can accomplish, or at least accomplish better, than my Pixel can.  The same with my Pixel which can do things my iPhone cannot, and some other things it just does better. They're both great phones. I'm not afraid to use both, in fact doing so has been eye-opening. 
    Assigning the term "great" to Android is frankly repulsive, as there's NOTHING redeeming or "great" about these knockoffs, after more than a decade of them trying. But then this came from you, so not surprised by it.

    OLED screens, fast charging, wireless charging, computational photography, widgets, customization, dark mode, etc. all came from android first. The iphone is more and more of an android knockoff.  
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,539member
    AT-5000 said:
    avon b7 said:
    I thought this feature had already been pre-announced by some company.

    I saw something on YouTube from a presentation recap and it was mentioned. 

    I can't remember which company was going to bring it to market though.

    With this ad, I suppose it must have been Google.


    Found it. The feature was announced four months ago:  minute 4

    It's not that since the phones already have that feature.
    Yeah. I mentioned it because the article specifically spoke of unblur which I'd seen announced (and later tracked down to Google) but wasn't sure if the feature had actually shipped. 
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    opinionopinion Posts: 103member
    Apple should make Deep Fusion optional.
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    opinionopinion Posts: 103member
    "Oh, you took a bad photo? Here, let AI mess it up some more." 

    Apple already does that themselves by Deep Fusion.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,105member
    This is the SuperBowl commercial for #FixedOnPixel

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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,539member
    opinion said:
    "Oh, you took a bad photo? Here, let AI mess it up some more." 

    Apple already does that themselves by Deep Fusion.
    Huawei definitely does it, and has for a while now, so it's nothing new as a feature in itself. Removing objects with a click, reflections on windows, photo bombs etc. Even on video. 

    I think the point here is the level to which they've taken the results. 
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    pscooter63pscooter63 Posts: 1,080member
    So this is all about photobombing? Only works with non-complex backgrounds? This is such a rare occurrence in real life. Yawn.
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    georgie01 said:
    It seems to me it’s also bizarre to say it’s bizzare without even knowing what it is. I stay away from Google products as much as is practical (I use YouTube…) but maybe they have something cool. They’ve had a cool thing here or there before. 
    I use Google Maps pretty extensively. For travel planning and while traveling, it’s great.
    Occasionally I’ll convert PDFs to text or spreadsheets with Google Drive, but that’s about it.

    YouTube? I’m watching opera videos for a class I’m taking now, but otherwise rarely.
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    Maybe they're folding in an algorithm like Topaz AI.

    Now that would be an interesting acquisition for Apple …
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    Cross-platform (non-iMessage) texts don’t appear with green and blue bubbles on Android, do they? On iPhone, they appear gray and green, of course. Do Android phones even visually distinguish between messages to iPhones and those to other phones?
    Yes they do if I'm texting someone with a android the texts or dark blue chat .... if they have an iPhone it's light blue sms
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    Say what you want but iPhone cameras are far superior
    Is this coming from a regular phone user or photographer? Because I am photographer and I can tell you iPhone pictures of nowhere near better than pixels
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