micro LED supplier says 2025 for Apple Watch Ultra display update

in Apple Watch edited February 2023
Apple's is still expected to incorporate micro LED technology into the Apple Watch Ultra, but a supplier's revenue projection suggests 2025 for the launch, not 2024.

micro LED Apple Watch Ultra expected in 2025
micro LED Apple Watch Ultra expected in 2025

Previous reports from notable analysts and leakers have pointed to 2024 for an Apple Watch Ultra update with micro LED. However, one supply chain analyst, Ross Young has remained steadfast about a 2025 launch.

Young shared a snippet of a report from Apple's alleged micro LED supplier called Osram. It states that the company will start reporting relevant revenues from micro LED technology in 2025.

That infers that orders for micro-LED display mass production won't be placed until 2025. Revenue is generated by suppliers when companies place the order, not when the order is shipped, so this wouldn't infer a 2024 order growing revenue into 2025.

This contradicts earlier reports from analyst Jeff Pu, which stated Apple Watch Ultra would gain a larger 2.1-inch micro-LED display. DigiTimes also claimed 2024 for a larger 2.1-inch Apple Watch Ultra.

However, both Jeff Pu and Digitimes do not have a great track record. They both derive information from the supply chain, but demonstrate a general misunderstanding of Apple's plans with parts and resources.

While everyone else reported that the MicroLED Apple Watch would launch in 2024, we remained steadfast that it would be 2025, now essentially confirmed by its MicroLED supplier Osram: pic.twitter.com/gI9T6xcKfU

-- Ross Young (@DSCCRoss)

Ross Young does have a stronger track record, especially when it comes to display-specific supply predictions. The text from Osram also helps with the credibility of the prediction.

Apple Watch Ultra launched as a new larger Apple Watch model in 2022. It is expected that Apple will update this premium model every other year, and a significant device design change for a larger display seems unlikely in a second-generation model.

A 2025 update with a significant new display technology and potential size increase seems more likely. Especially for what might be a third-generation update.

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