Google Photos is crashing for iOS 16.3.1 users

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A bug introduced in iOS 16.3.1 is causing Google Photos to crash at launch, so users that rely on the service should hold off on updating their iPhone for now.

iOS 16.3.1 causing Google Photos to crash
iOS 16.3.1 causing Google Photos to crash

Google hasn't released any information about the bug or an impending fix. AppleInsider staffers running iOS 16.3.1 have already verified the bug exists and the app crashes immediately every time.

Users who download the app new will be able to perform the login flow without a crash. Once access to the entire user library is granted, the app will crash -- signaling that this may be due to how Google accesses those images.

Other apps with full library access appear to be unaffected, like Darkroom. Google will likely issue a fix soon, so users won't have to wait long to have the app restored.

This bug was first reported via 9to5Mac after being alerted by users in its forums. Multiple users have since chimed in to corroborate the bug's existence. There are no known workarounds beyond not performing the iOS update.

To prevent an automatic update to iOS 16.3.1, navigate to the Settings app. Select "General," then "Software Update," then "Automatic Updates" to toggle off "Install iOS Updates."

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    Darn! Why am I left out of the fun? I don't use Google Photos! 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,492member
    I was under the impression that iOS 16.3.1 contained a fix for a WebKit zero day vulnerability that’s been actively exploited. There are also kernel level fixes addressed in iOS 16.3.1. 

    If this is the case I would be more inclined to apply the iOS update immediately and hold off on using Google Photos until Apple fixes that specific issue. 

    Everyone has to make their own risk versus benefit assessment, but WebKit’s exposure surface area is pretty wide and any kernel level issue needs to be taken very seriously. Weighing these risks versus temporarily losing one feature for a short period of time makes this a very easy decision for me. I would definitely not recommend holding off on this iOS update. 
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    danoxdanox Posts: 3,061member
    Apple is just closing off that Google photos phone home API, nothing to see here….. :smile: 
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