Apple may be building its biggest store yet in Miami

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Apple is reportedly planning a new retail location at the Miami Worldcenter for the iPhone and other products, and it could be the largest in the world.

Miami Worldcenter in Florida
Miami Worldcenter in Florida

Miami Tech Life's director of growth, Ryan RC Rea, tweeted the news on Tuesday, citing a trusted source. The Miami Worldcenter is a building complex that houses space for hotels, dining, shopping, and entertainment businesses.

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From a trusted source:

Apple just signed a lease at Miami World Center to build... The largest Apple store in the world

Exact location TBD but almost certainly in the "Jewelry Box" on NE 8th & 1st Ave

-- Ryan RC Rea (@volvoshine)

Rea believes that the location for the new Apple Store could likely be on the first floor of the so-called "Jewelry Box," or in the retail space in Bezel, west of Sephora. If it will be the largest Apple retail space in the world, the building in World Square might not be big enough.

Apple already has plenty of stores in Miami, and the new retail location could open up even more space for customers and tourists.

The company is also preparing to open its first flagship store in India, as the country currently only has the online Apple Store, and a network of Apple Authorized Resellers for products. Apple has also begun hiring personnel in Malaysia and could launch its first brick-and-mortar retail venture there as well.

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    I really like your new "rumour icon", now it would help even more if you let us modify our profiles so we don't have to read rumours that are below a certain threshold. 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,424member
    As much as I enjoy the high level of energy in the Apple stores near me I find that their practice of conducting training and familiarization classes in the middle of the store with dozens of customers milling around or engaged in conversations with Apple associates to be too chaotic. 

    Do any of the newer Apple stores have dedicated training spaces? 
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    I just hope Apple is smart enough not to build the store underground like the one in NY.

    Maybe a big glass box on stilts would be in order, considering it's FL....
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