If you're having trouble with Gmail, you're not alone

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Users of the highly-subscribed Gmail may not be able to access their emails on Monday, with an outage making access to the Alphabet communications service intermittent.


A number of visitors to Gmail are discovering they cannot get onto the site at all on Monday, just as businesses in the United States get to work. Rather than seeing emails, they're instead greeted by a 502 error, and temporarily unable to get to their messages.

The problem doesn't appear to be a complete shut-out of Gmail, and appears to be more intermittent in nature. Checks by AppleInsider staff found access to Gmail was occasionally stopped, both via a browser and clients, and for paid and free accounts.

Though Alphabet's various status pages don't indicate there is a problem, DownDetector reveals that quite a few people have declared there to be issues in accessing Gmail services, with a definitive and sudden spike in complaints.

Naturally, and just like other outages, users have also taken to Twitter to complain publicly.

While this is not an urgent issue with Gmail, since access is still possible, it is likely that support teams at the company will be looking into the complaints about its famous email service.

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    Probably someone found a way to prevent Google from reading all their mail, and now Google is scrambling to "fix" the problem. /s
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    Which brings to mind: why does Google have absolutely no way of contacting anyone there? No support, no helpline, nothing.
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    Which brings to mind: why does Google have absolutely no way of contacting anyone there? No support, no helpline, nothing.
    Google knows more about you than you do so... they already know what want and can carry on ignoring it.
    Avoid google. The less data it can collect on your life, the less that they can sell to the ad slingers.
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    That is the prize for a free service, so those with an account should not complain. As bonus Google reads your emails too :-) I avoid Google to the max! I pay for my email service!
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    Gmail continues to work fine if you are using Mimestream.

    "Made for Mac. Optimized for Gmail"

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    Strangely I haven't had any problems with Gmail for 10 years.......
    Oh, I forgot. It was deleted 10 years ago
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    Not that much of a hinderance since most of the email that you get on Gmail is SPAM that Google doesn't seem to really care about, and yes I have to agree  with EsquireCats that trying to get anyone to help you out with problems that do arise on Gmail is like talking to a brick wall.
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    XedXed Posts: 2,223member
    I've had problems for weeks with Gmail via Outlook for Mac, and now it's an issue with others with Outlook for Windows. I can get it to work again by removing it from accounts in Outlook and adding it back in, but that's not a great service if you need to do this very few days.

    I've also really dislike how Gmail works in Outlook if you do the default setup steps. It doesn't hold the tags properly so I have to do ye old setup for 3rd-party email services. Tom Scott has a nice video on YouTube about another issue he has with Gmail tags.
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